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Aug 1, 2007 08:40 AM

Sushi search (Balt.)

Hi Hounds,

I am new to the sushi world and I am in search of great places in or around a couple of areas. I love Sushi Hana (the David Roll and Crunchy Salmon are my faves) but I live in Mt. Washington and it can take me 30 minutes to get there if the traffic is bad. Also, I travel for work every week and return to Penn station (Charles St.) on Thursday evenings, often craving sushi. So my question to you is this: where can I get decent sushi in or around Mt. Washington and/or Penn Station?

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  1. XS on Charles Street about 2 blks south of the station. They don't have a large roll selection but I have enjoyed what I've gotten. My favorite is tempura sweet potatoe, ask for the spicy sauce to dip it in. During the week they have $1 sushi happy hour from 4-7pm. Not the best in the city, but better than just decent.

    Also if you want to walk further south Charles (about 5 blks) there is Minato. More expensive then XS, but it is so much better quality wise.

    1. Personally, I'm not a fan of either of Viperlush's rec's. I've eaten at XS several times of the years and always had a really bad experience with their sushi. Minato is better, but still, not great compared to Sushi Hanna (although i've not been to their new location & it's been 4 months since i ate @ their old locaiton). Having said that...CHIYO! is around the corner in Mount Washington (on Sulgrave). They have great sushi, and i think second to Sushi Hana (for county) and within my top five (third behind Chius). The owners there used to work @ Sushi Hanna when it first opened.

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        I love Chius too. Thanks for the reminder about Chiyo. I live so close yet seem to forget it's there and nobody really talks about it. I'll give it a go this week!

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          I think it's perhaps one of the good secret sushi places :)

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          The new Minato actually seems slightly better to me than the old location. I wonder if they got new sushi chefs? None of the staff seems to have carried over either; the location itself got a significant facelift - the decor now feels... hip and modern. Old Minato used to do tons of special rolls though, just scribbled on their blackboard; these were sorely missed from the new menu last 2 times I went. Regardless, I do agree that it's still leagues below Sushi Hana (and Edo Sushi, my other favorite).

          I've heard a lot about Chiyo... I'll have to try it soon! I tend to forget about Chiu's, even though I live close. Maybe because the parking's so bad?

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            Yeah, parking is no fun at Chius. But here's my trick: I park in the Whole Foods lot, and after I eat at Chius (or do anything around that area) I buy a bottle of water or something like that from Whole Foods and they stamp your parking pass. It's good for 2 hours I think. And the stairs in the lot lead right down to Chius.

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              Although technically you are supposed to make a purchase to get validated parking, I don't always abide by that rule. Wholefoods will stamp your ticket at the service counter right next to their coffee bar, of course only good if you are there during shop hours. After hours, i tend to just take pot luck around that area and it's never too bad. Worst case scenario: park in the Little Italy garage which is open late (hestiate to say 24/7) and is cheap at $4 flat rate.

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                Thanks guys! I had no idea about the Whole Foods trick.

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              The sushi chefs at Minato are the same... most of the wait staff is pretty new. they plan on expanding the list more once they get more comfortable in the new space... it takes while to work out the kinks and so far they seem to being doing a great job plus july and august are the slowest months in Mt. Vernon... a courtyard is also on the horizon

              1. re: frites

                I have never been a big fan of Minato but a friend of mine and I ate there last friday just to check out the new place and were once again underwelmed!

          2. Last night when I arrived back at Penn Station I went directly to Chiyo Sushi (Mt. Washington) for carryout. I live about a mile from there so the location is right on the way home. I found the staff to be super friendly and inviting. I was almost sorry I didn't stay and eat there! They had a wide range of food choices and I ened up getting 2 rolls (the David and the Mushi Salmon) and edamame. While I waited they brought me a glass of wine - big, lovely pour. For a sushi place, their wine selection isn't half bad. My dinner turned out great. Although I still rate Sushi Hana higher, Chiyo is a good alternative when I don't feel like driving to Towson in rush hour. I will definitely be back. I think I actually liked their edamame better than Sushi Hana's.... Anyway, I'm glad you all recommended Chiyo! I hope they stay in business - there was only one other diner there while I was waiting.

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              I also love Sushi Hana, but I will try Chiyo since we live much closer to Mt. Washington. Thanks. About the edamame: I've seen servers at Sushi Hana ferrying aroung bags of frozen pods at the side serving station downstairs. I don't think there's much more to edamame than dumping them into a steamer or boiling water. You can get a big bag (enough for about 6 people as an app) at Trader Joe's for $1.49. That's why I stopped ordering them at restaurants!