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Spices in bulk [moved from Tristate board]

hey i'm new here. i'm an art student in bmore and i've been working with foodstuffs. i'm looking for a place that has the largest variety of spices. i'd prefer a place that sells in bulk or that will allow me to buy by the pound rather than the tiny jars.

does anyone know of a place in the area?


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  1. the best resource I can think of is Penzeys Spices. They have a stall at the Grand Central Terminal Market in NYC, but they are primarily a mail order company. They are the best I have seen for bulk spices.

    1. Penzy spices... they are a catalog company with a few outfits... don't know if they have one in Baltimore? but can order and their spices are great!

      1. There is a Penzey's in Rockville and one opening soon in Falls Church. Ethnic grocers would be a good bet for buying in bulk.

        1. Another good mail order source is The Spice House (www.thespicehouse.com), based in Chicago and Milwaukee.

          1. If I understand correctly, you are using the spices in art rather than cooking with them. I think that, in that case, the freshness of the spices may be irrelevant and paying Penzey's might be more than you need to do. An Indian grocers might be a great place to look. They sell bags of larger quantities of whole and ground spices at very reasonble prices. I don't live in Baltimore so I can't give you a specific store, but check the yellow pages or maybe someone on the board will know the best option.

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              i looked at the penzy catalogue and they are quite expensive and the largest quantity they sell is 1lbs. i need bigger volumes.

              i've already searched the net so i am posting here in hopes that someone would know of a specific place as an indian grocer is a bit vague.

            2. why was my post moved? i specifically posted this in the tristate board because nyc will have a much bigger selection.


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                Because you said you were in Baltimore? Indian grocers are indeed going to be one of your best sources, but you may also find what you're seeking at Hispanic grocers or at your nearest Korean or Chinese supermarket.

                You can find a listing of Korean markets at http://www.koreanfeast.com/korean_mar...

                If you are a *regular* at a particular market, you might ask the owner/manager if they ever have spices that are ruined and must be thrown away. Those might still work for your art.

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                  Punjab Grocery on 33rd St. near the Waverly Farmers' Market has inexpensive spices...

              2. Try your local Co-op. I don't know the ones in Bmore, but I assume they exist. The Takoma Park Co-op sells them in bulk and has a huge selection -- an entire aisle's worth of spices and herbs.

                1. I have not been there, but maybe the Sysco in Elkridge??

                  Sysco Food Services
                  7540 Washington Blvd # C
                  Elkridge, MD 21075
                  (410) 799-8808