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Aug 1, 2007 08:23 AM

Restaurant Week?

So, my big brother is coming down from Montreal during Restaurant Week, and I thought this might be a good chance to try out someplace I frankly normally can't afford. Given that I pretty much never eat anywhere that costs more than $15 an entree, there are a lot of options. I would prefer Cambridge or Arlington, though easy-T-access Boston woudl be okay. Which restaurants have people had good restaurant-week experiences with?

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  1. i remember having a good experience at the elephant walk on mass ave between porter and arlington. this was last year and havent been back since. i remember having the cambodian beef. they split the menu so you could have either french or cambodian. my dc and i had one of each and shared. i remember it being very busy and it took a while to get the food. but it was good food once it got to us, and hot!

    1. In Arlington, I'd recommend Flora. I've never been during RW, but have enjoyed several summer meals there. The chef does great things w/ local produce. In Cambridge, Upstairs on the Sq did a nice RW dinner a few years ago, and the atmosphere is fun, though on the girly side.

      1. I had a wonderful dinner during Restaurant Week last year at Harvest.

        1. These places are all in Boston, but I would highly recommend (I already made my reservations at these places for RW)
          Grotto- Beacon Hill area restaurant, delicious with a very large RW menu (unlike some more expensive places that are not necessarily putting appetizing entrees on their menu)
          Taranta- Italian right at the start of Hanover Street. I would highly recommend the gnocci dish with I believe it is lamb- its to die for! (I'm almost positive its on the RW menu)
          and of course I'm going to to recommend some of the steak houses because as long as they aren't the hanger steaks you can get a good quality piece of meat for a great price!
          GOOD LUCK