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Aug 1, 2007 08:10 AM

sliced roasted turkey

so, sometimes i need a turkey sandwich. the problem at my house is that i am the only one who likes turkey so there is no point in roasting one. i also detest the watery stuff. is there a deli in t.o. that slices real roasted turkey for take away?

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  1. The New York deli (Bay and Bloor) roasts their own rather succulent birds. You could probably take away...

    1. Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes has real roasted turkey breast, not that fake, processed stuff. But buy the whole breast and slice it yourself because they tend to slice too thin, IMHO. They usually have three varieties such as: oven roasted, rosemary, herb and lime chipotle.

      1. Costco has bags of smoked turkey breast slices in their deli section.

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          1. thanks guys. thought i was going crazy....good to know there are others who appreciate a good turkey sandwich. i plan to investigate these options over the weekend.

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              OK, yes, its a fast food chain and not nearly as good as the options above BUT Roasty Jack's (I think there is one in the Exchange Center food court) also does roasted turkey sandwiches. They pretty much carve the bird in front of you.

              Like I said, not as good, but for those, "dear god I must have that" it does work.

              1. re: Otonabee

                Are you kidding? I LOVE Roasty Jack's. Just had it today. The turkey (white meat) is actually pretty moist.