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Flushing's Sun Mary Bakery

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On a tip from one of my Chinese academy students, I checked out Sun Mary Bakery at 133-57 41st Road in downtown Flushing a few weeks ago. I have been back several times since and been impressed with everything I've sampled. We are usually not big on Asian sweets (have had countless items from Fay Da, Maria's, Vanilla Cafe, Taipan, Koryodang etc) BUT...the cakes at Sun Mary made in the "French Tradition" ( whatever that means in this context) have thus far proved to be a cut above: the mango mousse was divine, etherally light, and the perfect sweetness, the Champs Elysees showcased a suprisingly good dark chocolate, the ground tea cake very unusual, and the blueberry yogurt cake extremely refreshing and tender. All of the roll cakes we've had have been very moist and light- particularly good was a honey sponge cake.

We haven't tried the Green bean cakes with braised pork which are featured on the Moon Cake portion of their menu, but will very soon nor have we had any of the daily baked breads and rolls. Next time.

The phone number is 718-460-8800. Check it out.

All Things Delish,

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  1. Sun Mary is one of my two favorites in Flushing. Their pineapple shortcake is very good. I, too, like their cakes --- the chocolate cake is really good. Unlike other Chinese bakeries, Sun Mary's chocolate cake has chocolate flavor and the cream frosting is tasty. My other favorite bakery is Apollo. Their buns/breads are really fresh and even taste good the next day unlike taipan's which goes stale so quickly.

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