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Aug 1, 2007 07:43 AM

Any word on Salento, 22nd and Walnut?

I heard a few weeks ago that the folks behind L'Angolo have opened Salento, focusing on Pugliese cuisine, on Walnut and 22nd. Has anyone been yet? I'm curious to try it, and would love to hear people's thoughts.

Thank you!

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  1. We have been twice and really enjoyed it. Standouts included the mixed grilled meats platter, the large artichoke appetizer, and the pan-fried gnocchi with mushrooms. The chocolate hazelnut semifreddo dessert was very good, rich and nutty with real nuts not extract, and a large portion. Good service and a nice bright atmosphere (slightly quiter in the back room). I'd put it up there with Melograno. Thank you.

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      Bride, do you know if they take reservations?

        1. re: Bride of the Juggler

          I also thought that all of the food was quite good. I tried an antipasto appetizer, pasta with duck, and lamb and pork entrees. Prices were affordable and portions were decent. I would recommend that you try the place. It was pretty loud but we were there on a Friday night at 8:30. But the place quieted down as the night went on.

    2. We went to Salento on Friday night and had a great dinner. Everyone (4 of us) was really pleased with their choices. It's a little bit less expensive than many of the restaurants in Philly and takes reservations. Other than being loud (tile floors, hard surfaces on the walls), it was great, and we will definitely go back.