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Aug 1, 2007 07:38 AM

Current great DC eats?

I graduated from college in DC a few years ago -- my friends are now taking a trip in August and asked me to give them some recommendations. My "favorite places when your parents are in town" were Butterfield 9 and DC Coast. Do you have any new suggestions? They are not adventerous eaters so anything with seafood and steak (and not prepared too fussily) would be great. Also if you can think of good lunch places; my old favorite was Peacock Cafe. Many thanks in advance for keeping me current in DC eating.

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  1. At the risk of sounding redundant, I think that people looking for nice, non-adventurous and non-fussy food would love the new bistros, specifically Central and Brasserie Beck. I haven't been to Beck, but can heartily recommend Central. It's excellently prepared classics.

    For lunch on a weekend, I always love Teaism, which has a few locations. They should look up the addresses online.

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      Just went back to Brasserie Beck this past weekend, and it was every bit as good as the time before. Plenty for the non-adventurous. Central is also a great recommendation.

    2. Ray's the Classics, Silver Spring. Corduroy. Hank's Oyster Bar.

      1. Legal Seafood - fun atmosphere, lots of choices. Not cheap, though. Several locations, but only ate in the 7th street one.

        Legal Sea Foods - 7th Street
        704 7th Street, Washington, DC 20001

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          Depending on where they are coming from though there seems to be quite a few Legal's Seafood around the country though. Still a solid chain...but it's a chain none-the-less. I'm also from Boston though so while I love Legal's I'm not as enamoured by it as some other folks because they were all over the place growing up.

        2. Butterfield 9 is still really good.

          A few other places is Hank's Oyster Bar (really good seafood in a cute New England feeling setting in Dupont), Acadiana for some cajun cuisine, even though I've never been everyone says Ray's the Steaks and Ray's Classics are the best steak restaurants in town (even though they are in Silver Spring). For a nice, more pricey dinner I would suggest Palena and Equinox. (Although with Palena for much cheaper you can eat in the cafe/front of the house part of the restaurant). For good classic French bistro food I suggest Bistro D'Oc (excellent hanger steak). For something a little more hip and chic they should check out PS7's. They have a fun menu and an awesome atmosphere. Zola and Poste are also good options.

          In terms of lunch places my favorite is only open 11:45-2pm Monday-Friday. It's CF Folks in Dupont Circle. They have the best crab cake sandwich in town and specials that change every day. Very good.

          Hank's is also open for lunch.

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            Thanks so much for the great ideas.

          2. Beck & Central are great ideas, though they are a bit of a scene - a great scene I think (mostly young people, i.e. late 20s thru early 40s) - just not the quietest places. If you're looking for the best dining option in DC, I'd recommend Tosca, a fantastic Italian restaurant that is both traditional & modern.

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              I really like Tosca, but I haven't dined there in the last number of months since their original exec chef (Cesare Lanfranconi) started scaling back. In this week's Post Tom S mentioned that Cesare is leaving the kitchen entirely for a new venture. FYI I've been a big fan of Cesare's since he was Roberto's exec chef at Galileo in the 1990s.

              Can anyone vouch for the food quality there in the past few months? Thanks.