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Aug 1, 2007 07:35 AM

What to taste in Niagara/Bench?

So, I'm heading to Jordan for a two-night stay on Inn on the 20 (with breakfasts!). We're also doing a 4 winery tour of Strewn, Konselman, Hillebrand and Caroline Cellars - don't worry, they're driving :) The package also includes tastings/cheeses from Cave Springs upon arrival, and a dinner at On the Twenty on the 2nd night. Definately a romantic plan!

BUT, We're planning on poking around on our own a bit, and have planned to check out Stratus. Are there are any other amazing tours/tasting deals we shouldn't miss? We don't want to break the bank, but do want to experience the best the region has to offer.

Also, any lunch recs for the area would be appreciated. Thanks chow-winers!

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  1. LemonLauren,

    If you go to Stratus, stop by Rancourt on East/West Line and see Lionel and his wife. Very nice people who make honest wines at respectable prices.

    Wineries with great tastings include, in no particular order, Lailey (ask for Derek), 13th Street (only on weekends), Mountain Road Wine Company, Featherstone, Flat Rock, Lenko, and Hidden Bench (will cost you $10 for a flight, but wines are as good as Stratus). If you are heading down in the next week or so, stop by Reif on the Parkway. They are having their Anniversary celebrations, and there are some great tastings/seminars available.

    There are too many options to list for lunch. What style are you looking for? Patio? Bistro? Winery? Cafe?