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Aug 1, 2007 07:09 AM

New Ararat?

According to the Statesman's Dale Rice it will reopen this weekend in East Austin as part of the Hot Mama coffeeshop. Anyone got any more details?

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  1. It's true. They're having a shin-dig on the 4th of August with food and music and dancing.

    1. I think the owners of the original restaurant on North Loop had a falling out. One of them is opening a new restaurant elsewhere, and the other owner is in the process of fixing up the property on North Loop to reopen at some future date. It's not clear which of them got the cooks or recipes -- they always had outstanding food, but their old restaurant was simply unsanitary. Hopefully after some major renovations it will be clean and tasty. Let me know how the place in east Austin is.

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        According to an article in the Chronicle a while back the two parties working to open enw sites were not both owners of the old site. There was a falling out, and one of those women (along with the original cooks) is the one that has revived the Ararat name in E. Austin at this coffee shop. At the old site, one of the former belly dancers, I believe her name is Farah, is opening her own middle eastern restaurant after she does some major work on the property to bring it up to code (this was one of the orig. issues, as I understand, that caused the falling out, strain on the business and the eventual closing).

        I have yet to try the new Ararat, but I'm also curious to see if anyone went this weekend.

        1. re: ashes

          Cool! I was in an arabic class with Farah, I hope she does open a restaurant! She is an amazing woman. I've heard that Pharoah's, which used to be at I35 and 2222 was going to reopen at the old Ararat location. I live down the block and the last I saw, that was what was written on a flyer at the entrance. They have repainted the exterior but still waiting for more...