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Aug 1, 2007 07:05 AM

Dry Ice Retail

I am trying to get a pint of Dolcezza Gelato to Michigan tomorrow and it was suggested to me that I could carry it on the plane with a cooler of dry ice. Does anyone know where I could get dry ice in the NoVA/District area? I googled it but all I could come up with was a lot of hits for commercial and wholesale distributers. Could someone help me out?!?!


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  1. I know that the Harris Teeter on Harrison St. right off of Lee Highway in Arlington has dry ice. I was there this past weekend happened to notice the huge dry ice box in the front of the store. I would imagine if one Teeter has dry ice then others would as well. Hope this helpsl

    Harris Teeter address:

    Lee Harrison Shopping Center - #23
    2425 N. Harrison St.
    Arlington, VA 22207

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      I've also seen it at Harris Teeter, Pentagon Row branch if I am correct.

    2. If you can't find dry ice, try bags of frozen peas. They are not a liquid.

      1. Call anyplace they sell welding supplies (don't ask, just go with it).

        For sure at Potomac Airgas, 2200 Jefferson Davis Hwy (just north of the railroad bridge, which is just north of Old Town Alexandria) 703 548-5070

        1. Most Safeway stores sell dry ice...usually a small freezer near the front of the store!!!

          1. Metro Ice - Florida Ave and North Capitol NE

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              Talbert's out on river road, just inside the beltway, has dry ice