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Aug 1, 2007 06:43 AM

In home wine tasting - do you know people/company in Philly?

Wondered if anyone knew of somelliers or companies that do wine tastings near Philly. I would like to coordinate a nice 40th birthday party for my friend. Any help is appreciated!

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    1. re: brightman

      I left a message on her voicemail a long time ago and never heard anything back. I just left a msg on website....if you know of another suggestions, it will be good to have a plan b... Thanks for your response!

    2. Try the Wine School of Philadelphia. I've taken a few classes there and they are great! I've never had occassion to use them for a private function but they do offer that service and imagine they would do it well.

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      1. re: jp32

        That's cool, I didn't know the wine school did that. I've had many bottles recommended by Keith Wallace and they've all been great. His enthusiasm for wine is infectious.

      2. You might be able to temp Paul Lang to come from NYC to do it. He's a fantastic teacher. I had the pleasure of learning so much from him when he worked in Boston. That was before he worked at Babbo. It can't hurt to call.

        Here is his website.

        1. You may want to check with Moore Brothers over the bridge in Jersey. They do fabulous tastings, but I don't know if they do them for the general public, or if it is a private client sort of thing.

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          1. re: samsmom1127

            I'd imagine PA liquor laws prevent them from conducting that business in Philly, since it's illegal to bring wine purchased out of state into PA, but it's certainly worth giving them a call. I'd go with the Wine School first though.

            1. re: Buckethead

              They somehow manage to do events for MANNA and other not-for-profits in PA

          2. I have had some of Keith's staff (Wine School of Phila) do wine tastings - and they will come to your location with wine, glasses, etc. They have been fine and enjoyable.