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Aug 1, 2007 06:17 AM

rhinebeck or nearby Sunday lunch (not brunch)?

My husband and are are going to be in the rhinebeck area this sunday. We need to have a late lunch or early dinner to accomodate an early evening meeting my husband has to get to later that day. I've looked around and seen references to both Gigi's and Terrapin, and a widely diverse range of opinions. Are there other good choices? Calico isn't an option since it's a real brunch which is not what we're looking for. Doesn't have to be fancy, but we like eclectic or ethnic food and this will be fitting into a day out "in the country" for us.

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  1. Gigi is good, I really like their Bianca skizza. You might also want to check out Schemmy's for a more local flavor and very good, they have a patio in the back. Stir clear of Foster's, just okay.

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      we ended up having lunch at Gigi (the evening meeting evaporated, so we ate at noon). We were quite happy with the meal-- thanks! we ate on the patio, both had specials-- I had the salad special of green beans, yellow tomatoes, and goat cheese, and my husband had a special sandwich-- all in all quite nice--

    2. Terrapin has really great food. If you sit outside, you get their outdoor menu, which is a combination of red (their bistro side) and Terrapin (the fancier side), but it (obviously) all comes out of the same kitchen. They have excellent sandwiches and small bites, good salads and comfort food options. We lived in the area for a year and barely ventured elsewhere when we wanted to go out because we liked it so much. It's not really ethnic or eclectic, but it is upstate NY, and your'e not going to find a whole lot of that.

      We also really like the BBQ at Max's in Red Hook.

      1. FYI-Schemmy's closed over a year ago. The space was taken over by Villaga pizza, which moved from a location a few doors down.

        1. Perhaps the Traphagen Restaurant in the Beekman Arms would meet your needs.