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Aug 1, 2007 06:13 AM

Halloumi Cheese

Can anyone give me market names and addresses that they would sell Halloumi Cheese at? It would most likely be at any Greek market with a deli section...


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  1. Papa Cristos for all things Greek, Pico & Normandie. I think I have seen it at Jons market on Vermont & Hollywood.

    1. sunland produce on glenoaks blvd. (@sunland) in sun valley carries a lot of ethnic stuff. they specifically carry halloumi, which i have purchased and used to make flaming saganaki!

      1. Jons market carries it... and if you want a fantastic preparation, get the fried halloumi cheese salad at Cafe Eilat on Burbank and Whitsett.

        1. i bought some yesterday at sunland produce, as mentioned above, but have also purchased halloumi at whole foods and bristol farms. love it on the grill. last night we did a grilled romaine, red onion, halloumi and rib eye salad with good tomatoes...a big hit with our students!