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Halloumi Cheese

Can anyone give me market names and addresses that they would sell Halloumi Cheese at? It would most likely be at any Greek market with a deli section...


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  1. Papa Cristos for all things Greek, Pico & Normandie. I think I have seen it at Jons market on Vermont & Hollywood.

    1. sunland produce on glenoaks blvd. (@sunland) in sun valley carries a lot of ethnic stuff. they specifically carry halloumi, which i have purchased and used to make flaming saganaki!

      1. Jons market carries it... and if you want a fantastic preparation, get the fried halloumi cheese salad at Cafe Eilat on Burbank and Whitsett.

        1. i bought some yesterday at sunland produce, as mentioned above, but have also purchased halloumi at whole foods and bristol farms. love it on the grill. last night we did a grilled romaine, red onion, halloumi and rib eye salad with good tomatoes...a big hit with our students!

            1. The Italian Middle Eastern Deli on Riverside in Sherman oaks has it.

              1. Not hard to find. Gelson's carries it.

                1. Easy to find. Bristol farms carries it.

                  1. Good Food Market in Pasadena carries it. They get different brands at different times and I've seen both Greek and Armenian versions of it sold here.

                    1864 E Washington Blvd
                    Pasadena, CA 91104
                    (626) 794-5367

                    1. And, I've seen it at Valley Produce on Vanowen at Reseda. You might also try Jon's Markets esp the ones in Glendale. :) KQ