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Aug 1, 2007 05:00 AM

Birthday Dinner in Burbank area


Chowhound visiting the area from Canada for the first time and looking for a place for a birthday dinner. Not too noisy, price: entree around $18 to $25. Italian,French or Continental.... Seafood plus steaks, the usual... Not a place where you have to wear a tie, but reasonably nice. Got a place like that? No problem going out of the area, say 30 min drive.

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    1. As a fellow Torontonian who lives here, I can tell you that there is no place where you have to wear a tie.

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      1. Bistro Provence has been getting great reviews.

        Ca Del Sole is one of my favortie Italian restaurants and it is 5 minutes from Burbank. Good regional Italian and a nice room.

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          Second Ca del Sole.

          Or head over to Il Tiramisu or Max in Sherman Oaks

        2. If it's a Fri or Sat, head for the Restaurant at the Getty. It's a great place for out of towners to enjoy a truly only-in-Los-Angeles evening. You'll probably pay about $10pp more than you want to, but it'll be worth it for the memories.

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            That's a liberal application of a "Burbank area" restaurant - any night of the week they would be fighting brutal traffic to get out there.

          2. Park Ave down on Beach in Stanton is surprisingly nice. They serve New American food, which draws its influences from all over.

            It's not exactly what you're looking for, but it is quiet, the price range is there and maybe the menu will surprise you.


            If you're feeling adventurous, Il Chianti in Lomita is a Japanese-Italian place. The flavors are really accessible with the main difference being the prominent place of seafood on the menu.


            Il Chianti
            24503 Narbonne Ave, Lomita, CA 90717

            Park Avenue Restaurant
            11200 Beach Blvd., Stanton, CA 90680

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              Nice selections, but not exactly "in the Burbank area".