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Aug 1, 2007 12:24 AM

21st b-day dinner suggestions

It's my and my best friend's 21st birthday in just a few weeks and we want to celebrate in style. We're looking for a classy, not too expensive restaurant ($30 each not including drinks) that will have lots of yummy creative cocktails to celebrate the night with. We're planning to go dancing/clubbing/bar-ing after, so we'd like to eat somewhere nearby (hollywood? sunset strip? santa monica? suggestions of clubs to hit up would be appreciated as well).

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Lucky Devil's is right in Hollywood. Good food, sort of a hip happening diner-with better food, good beer and wonderful milkshakes. I'm unsure of the mixed dreinks, but there are plenty of places nearby for those.

    I'm not a mixed drinks kinda gal, I wish I could help you with that!

    There is 3rd stop and Village Idiot, good bars/pubs with food.

    The Abbey is a gay bar, really (just so you're not surprised or anything, I don't know how you feel about these things.) and has good drinks and nice food, plus it is really kinda nifty inside.

    Classy and below $30 is hard in that area, though!

    1. You can get out of Bowery for that much, not including drinks.

      Lou on Vine might also be a good choice


      Velvet Margarita for not too expensive Mexican and drinks.. not sure if it meets the criteria of "classy" though

      Jones might be too casual for this occasion, but it serves drinks and decent food at decent prices.

      Also, Lala's Argentinian Grill

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        I'm not sure if Lou serves cocktails, but it's a great spot.

        My rec would be The Belmont. They have good food, good cocktails and the atmosphere is fun. It is also close to a lot of other bars and clubs. It is walking distance to Area, The Standard, Sky Bar, Stone Rose Lounge, Koi, Bar Marmont, Republic etc

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          Nothing celebrates a 21st birthday quite like pig candy!

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                  now THAT's a great chowhoundish tip! I sooo want pig candy now.

        2. I like the Bowery suggestion, also because you can use it as a starting off point to do some good barhopping down Hollywood (as far west as Cherokee for Geisha House and their drinks) and the Cahuenga Corridor (like Citizen Smith and Velvet Margarita).

          But the best place for barhopping after dinner is going to be in West Hollywood, and I like the Abbey, especially how the martinis are served in pint glasses.

          As far as dance clubs, it will depend on the day of the week, as many clubs have different promoters. My suggestion is to eat/drink somewhere close to all of that action.

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            I would say get the food at Bar Marmont and you dont have to go anywhere for the drinks long into the night. If you are willing to drive, how about a three course tasting at Opus and then head west to drink?