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3 ladies, one afternoon, bev. hills?

Paddington's and Tea Garden have been mentioned, but there's not much web info.

I have two friends visiting tomorrow afternoon. They'll probably show up after lunch but need to leave before 5p.m. After a great experience at the Peninsula's afternoon tea a few weeks ago, I was set to just head there. Sadly, they're all booked.

Where else can I go? In this instance, posh/chic/trendy/cute/pretty/al fresco is important.

$48 at Hotel Bel Air is a little out of range and Barney's Greengrass seems like too utilitarian a space. Not girly enough, if you will.

Afternoon snacks at Clementine is a possibility, but that's becoming an old trick for me. I'd like to impress with something new. Tudor House and Chado might cause us to have to rush due to traffic.

What little gems around Beverly Hills am I missing? Anything on or around Rodeo? Somewhere for iced tea, a few desserts, with lovely sitting area would be perfect.

Even Il Fornaio is looking good. How are the desserts? Or Urth. They might not realize I'm being totally unoriginal if either of those is a lovely space.

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  1. I love the Tudor House, but it's not really for sitting outside or people watching, but rather to appreciate the tea experience and British foods...

    Jack'n'Jill's has a nice outdoor patio with good pastry munchies.

    Champagne Bakery and Cafe on Beverly.

    I prefer the Urth Cafe on Melrose to the one on Beverly.

    You've also got the goofy Fratelli's for a "gourmet donut," and of course, Sprinkles for the cupcake.

    If you head over toward WeHo, you could sit outside at The Abbey (they do have really good pastries and eye candy).

    Little Next Door, Susina, Sweet Lady Jane, Newsroom Cafe (healthier sweets and fare) are in that area too.

    One other idea might be to head over to Brentwood to Amandine or Marina Pastries, as well as Susiecakes over on San Vicente.

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      No no NO to Sweet Lady Jane. The cakes are nothing special, and the attitude is terrible. Worst service and rudeness in LA! Not Sweet, and DEFINITELY no lady!

      Keep in mind, the Anney is a gay bar. I love it, but I have some family members I can't take there, because they are prejudiced. Just a head's up.

    2. THE BLVD at the regent beverly wilshire is quite nice and a little pricey, but in line with tea at the PENINSULA. they have terrific jazz on wednesdays starting at 5pm. you can sit outside or in and they do have a dessert menu. reservations recommended.

      1. Four Seasons Hotel or Raffles L'Ermitage both may fit the bill. The Ivy on Robertson is overrun with paparazzo, but may also work for your group.

        There's a cafe at Two Rodeo adjacent to Tiffany & Co. - very popular with the tourists.

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        1. re: J.L.

          What's the setup at the Regent? :I called a few weeks ago and they no longer serve a formal afternoon tea. Is there still a cafe or lounge?

          And agreed with above: Sweet Lady Jane is not worth considering.

          1. re: Pei

            no tea at the REGENT. THE BLVD has breakfast, lunch, dinner, kids, dessert, weekend brunch and bar menus.

        2. How about Coupa Cafe? Ised to work up in Palo Alto and LOVED the one up there? Great little sandwiches, chocolates, desserts and coffee drinks...with a South American flair!

          1. I really enjoy Prego on North Camden Drive. Whether for lunch or just desserts, it's casual but nice, much nicer and much better than Il Fornaio. Or for start sightings how about The Grill in the Alley, where the desserts are decadent, though the setting isn't exactly girl-y? For outdoor seating, how about the spot at the top of Two Rodeo drive called 208 Rodeo? They have a nice patio and make great martinis and also have nice desserts. That might be just the spot. Have fun.

            1. The Regent Beverly Wilshire used to serve a wonderful tea..they still have a bar and lounge area as well as a small patio outside. It would definetaly fit all of your requirements (posh/chic/trendy..etc.) but might be a little pricey. I had a lovely tea at the Hotel Bel Air a few weeks ago, but it is also on the expensive side. I would also recommend Mariposa, the restaurant in Neiman Marcus. It is a nice place to go for a ladies lunch-they serve popovers and you could get iced tea and great salads (my favorites are the lobster cob and salmon salads). Also, La Conversation is a very cute french cafe on Doheny. It is a charming space where they serve amazing pastries and desserts, salads and other french fare. Hope that you have a wonderful time with your friends!

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                La Conversation sounds lovely! I think I'm going to gather the suggestions around Doheny and just drive around and let them pick. Those girls deserve a good time! One just took the bar and the other is getting ready to go back to law school. We WILL have a good time or bust!

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                  La Conversation is a great idea! Good food, a European flair and definitely a place for the girls!

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                    i think the best quiche in town is served at LA CONVERSATION.

              2. Urth is an old stand by for me... My non-L.A. GFs love that it's healthy, not so expensive, but still SOOO hollywood... I also enjoy their tea VERY much... :)

                Another option for a fun girlie outting in BH is the restaurants in Neimans. I've heard very good things about them... Mariposa does a tea as well...


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                  i was recently at MARIPOSA @ NM and they did not serve tea. as a matter of fact, they were promptly closing up shop by 4pm. i think it's fine if you're shopping, but i don't like eating in the basement.

                2. The Avalon is in BH, fun, and a unique experience. I'm not sure what the afternoon scene is like, but it could be very nice out there by the pool (oh, I wish I were out there by the pool right now)...

                  1. I hear good things about BLVD. A friend went yesterday and sat next to Patrick Dempsey, Dr. "McDreamy." (I know....I know. a celeb sighting has nothing to do with food, but it's fun for some folks)
                    I also like the BAR ON 4 at Neiman Marcus. Their food is solid (curried chicken salad, lobster club), cute young waiters, really good cocktails (I know you said iced tea, but just in case) and great people watching. It's not al fresco....but as much as I like Il Forniao at times, I'd prefer being side to being so close to the street that I smell exhaust!

                    1. I'd go to the Le Pain Quotidien on Melrose just east of the PDC. (It's not QUITE BH, but it's awfully close). Lovely pastries and breads, great cafe au lait, and they have a really nice patio.

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                        there is a LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN in BH on little samo, near the corner of camden.

                        1. re: revets2

                          Yes, and that one is fine, but the one on Melrose has that lovely patio. The food is the same though, and good at both locations. I much prefer LPQ to Urth.

                      2. What about Il Cielo over on Burton Way? It's touted as being a "romantic restaurant," but in the daytime, it's just a really cute, charming and sort of unexpected place. The food can be uneven in that I've had some really great meals there and also some merely ok meals, but my girlfriend and I always have a good time because the maitre'd likes to make a fun fuss over a group of women and it's such a pretty setting.

                        1. Reporting back:

                          We ended up at the Viceroy, outside on the big yellow chairs. It's a cute place. Great cocktails, hot french fries. The pear martini was my favorite, followed by the moorea (pineapple and coconut, but somehow much more sophisticated than a pina colada, and clear).

                          Spendy, but I'm getting used to seeing $15 cocktails on menus (frightening). The girls enjoyed the unique furnishings and the ocean view and breeze when we walked around. Mission accomplished, and now I have a little arsenal of places to visit so I'm not caught off guard next time!

                          Next on list: La Conversation!

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                            Wondering if you went to La Conversation? Need a pace to take mother-in-law and Aunt (both in their active nineties) for dinner tommorow (Monday ) night. It sounds lovely.

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                              La Conversation is adorable! It's very casual, more what I would consider a lunch or brunch spot. If they're open for dinner, however, I don't see why it wouldn't be perfectly enjoyable.

                              I've actually been twice now. Once I just stopped in for some pastries, another time I had lunch with a friend (quiche and a sandiwh, both very nice). I don't know what the dinner food is like, but the ambiance is very French bistro-y. A lot of French knick knacks on every surface and on the wall, red and white wallpaper, a large colection of Eiffel Tower models. It's really quite precious. I think two active older ladies would be completely charmed by it.

                              1. re: Densible

                                I believe they were open for dinner for a while but ended dinner service more than a year ago.