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Jul 31, 2007 08:38 PM

Tastiest Sheet-Cake in the City

Hi there,

I am supposed to bring a sheet cake to a BBQ this weekend and was wondering if anyone could recommend the best place to go for this. Ideally looking for a place that makes a terrific vanilla cake with freshed whipped cream frosting (and fresh fruit would be a plus). I am looking for a place in San Francisco or on the Peninsula.


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  1. Schubert's or Copenhagen (

    Schubert's Bakery
    521 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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    1. re: sabrinasmom

      depending on how fancy or artisinal you want it, Safeway actually makes good sheet cakes. god only knows how many people will jump down my throat for making such a pedestrian suggestion, but i have found them to be yummy, fresh and good value.

      1. re: sfoperalover

        I agree with sfoperalover's suggestion. You must specify whipped cream frosting, not the regular. I was at a child's birthday party where they had a Safeway chocolate sheet cake with whipped cream frosting and was very surprised that it did not suck.

        1. re: sfoperalover

          Safeway's cakes aren't bad, but Schubert's are much better. Their cakes are really delicious.

          1. re: sfoperalover

            Does Costco make a cake w/whipped cream frosting? Special order?

          2. re: sabrinasmom

            Schuberts in SF is known as The Cakery in Burlingame. Same quality (excellent).

            1308 Burlingame Ave
            Burlingame CA 94010

          3. Thank you all for your suggestions!

            1. You may wish to consider Dianda's Bakery located at about 25th and Mission. They probably sell between 30 and 50 sheet cakes on a Saturday. I've enjoyed anything that I've had from there.

              It's an old-fashioned Italian bakery somewhat similar to Victoria Pastry.

              By the way, not what you requested, but I recently ordered a Princess Cake sheet cake from Victoria Pastry for a graduation party. It was wonderful!!!!

              I prefer the Princess cake from Victoria to the one from Schubert's but, Schuberts's is also good.


              Bob Copeland