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Jul 31, 2007 08:16 PM

Columbus Eateries Rec?


I will be in Columbus next week with my 4 year old daughter. She eats everything; Salsa, Ribs, pizza, hot sauce, Mexican. I am looking for interesting ethnic foods. My daughter is from China so Dim Sum would be great but I will try ANYTHING!



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    1. re: ddfry3

      Sorry, Ohio.
      I also like micro brews if that helps.

      1. re: wohbobo

        Usually I am zipping through the area to head to points east or west. However, right off I-70 near downtown is a large historical area called the German Village. I often stop for a sandwich at Katzinger's Deli, and if I am in less of a hurry the Mohawk Tavern. I am sure a local will give you more help.

          1. re: wohbobo

            I know there are electic eateries in an area called the Short North Arts District, that might be a good place to look too. Let me know what you uncover!


      2. re: ddfry3

        Columbus, OH is the 15th largest city in the US, so it is a pretty safe bet that when someone just says Columbus they mean the one in Ohio.

        Indonesian: Taste of Bali 2548 Bethel Rd

        All you can eat sausage buffet that is a Columbus institution: Schmidt's 240 E Kossuth St

        If you like microbrews, you have the choice between Barley's and Barley's Smokehouse. The latter is probably more kid friendly, but either would be fine. Try the sauerkraut balls.

        Columbus used to have a really cool restaurant called the Kahiki. It is no more, but some former employees have opened the Tropical Bistro which may impress your 4 year old.

        1. re: kura kura

          True enough, but the question is still worth asking. FWIW, I find Schmidt's to be a tourist trap kind of place, albeit a pretty cheap one. At least the buffet when I have had it has been forgettable, and I have eaten German cuisine in Austria and Germany, as well as other major US cities.

      3. The Blue Nile on High Street features really good Ethiopian food. It might be fun for a kid since you eat with your hands out of a big, communal tray lined with injira (sp?) which is a yummy, spongy bread that is topped with various items that you choose from the menu.

        Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

        2361 N High St
        Columbus, OH 43202
        (614) 421-2323

        1. For dim sum, I love Guangdong Restaurant on Busch Blvd.. It is off I-71 at the St. Rt. 161 exit - head west and turn past the Giant Eagle. The sign still says "New House of Mandarin" but it is now called Guangdong. Their weekend dim sum is my Chinese mother-in-law's request every time they come to see us.

          I can't second Tropical Bistro. The food was so bad when we went there that we couldn't believe it. Worse than most bad Chinese buffets. The decor is cute, but I'd try somewhere else. I also don't like Schmidt's, but it is in a nice area.

          I always recommend Banana Leaf for Indian vegetarian food. It is in a bland strip mall, but the food is great. I'm not vegetarian, but this place makes me think I could be!

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          1. re: Lauren in OH

            Just seconding the warning about Tropical Bistro. My friends and I went over there about a month ago, and I wish I'd never gone. Very over priced, awful food, and they really pushed the alcohol menu at us hard.

            1. re: BZArcher

              The Tropical Bistro has been hit or miss for me (2 rather good meals, 2 unremarkable to disappointing meals), but it is more about ambience. It is a great place to take a small child. Or a great place to drink heavily. But drinking heavily with a small child in tow is not something I would recommend.

              Another cool place to take a small child is the JP's barbecue at Bolton Field. Reasonable priced ribs and you can watch small planes land and take off while you eat.

            2. re: Lauren in OH

              Don't go to Guangdong anymore.

              Apparently, they've changed owners -again-. We went in today to try the dim sum, and it was a disaster.

              First, the sign outside and on the door both said "Saturday Lunch Buffet! Dim Sum!"

              When we walked in, about 30 minutes after their posted opening time, the buffet wasn't just empty, the steam and lights were totally shut off.

              We got greeted and seated, and the waitresses had a confusion over which menus to give us - the large, nicely printed one with lots of really nice sounding dishes, or the small, badly printed plastic one that had nothing different from any strip mall Chinese place. They settled on the strip mall menu. Warning sign #2.

              When we asked to see the Dim Sum menu, they said that it was available, but some of the dishes couldn't be done today. We said that was OK, and they brought out the Dim Sum pad with all the steamed dishes crossed out. Warning sign #3.

              We asked the waitress if the fried and crepe dishes were still all there, and she said yes, so we put in an order for several items off the dim sum to share, and one regular dish of beef pan noodles.

              After 10 minutes, the waitress came back and said that one of the items we wanted off the Dim Sum (sesame balls) wasn't available, but that the rest would be out soon.

              10 more minutes passed, and we got drink refills, but no food.

              After another 20 minutes, the beef pan noodles came out. We asked if our Dim Sum would be out soon, and another waitress (Manager? Maybe? She looked kinda young, but it's possible) came to our table and told us that they are not offering Dim Sum anymore, because their new owner fired the cooks.

              We asked why we weren't told that 40 minutes ago, and all she said was "there's a lot of confusion because all the waitresses worked for the old owner." About the same time, I heard 2 other tables (who had also come in and ordered Dim Sum) get the same news.

              We left then and there, and I strongly reccomend that people avoid the place.

            3. Kneel before the Thurman Cafe

              Thurman Cafe
              183 Thurman Ave, Columbus, OH 43206

              1. Hey -- You should check out for great reviews of Cols restaurants...

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                  Just got back from a quick browse. Looks like a real in-depth kind of site; not your usual 4 star white-wash. Thanks for the hint.