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Jul 31, 2007 07:14 PM

Need Anniversary Dinner Suggestions

My husband and I have a wedding anniversary coming up on a Sunday, and the two restaurants I was considering are closed (Starlite and Restaurant Jezebel).

We usually like to try someplace local that we've never been to and have recently been to III Forks, the Driskill, and Vespaio. I was considering trying the Roaring Fork or Chez Nous as I don't recall having been to either one, but I am open to other suggestions. We live up north, so anything downtown or north of the river is preferable.

I have also considered trying Jasper's or another restaurant in the Domain, but those are chains, and we have really had good luck with places that are home grown.


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  1. Melting Pot... even though it's a chain. Where else can you spend 2-3 hours really enjoying and savoring the food at your own pace. Comfortable booths give you privacy. Very romantic atmosphere. Great if you live up north.

    1. How about Zoot? Lovely place, lovely food, and it's homegrown. Not sure if they are open on Sundays, but then, you can always have the celebration on another evening...

      509 Hearn St, Austin, TX 78703