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Jul 31, 2007 07:04 PM

twin lake, mi (north of muskegon)

spending a week at a cottage in twin lake in mid august. i have not spent much time on that side of the state. any and all recs welcome. willing to drive for chow. we will be going to michigan adventure for a day and doing one of the sand dunes while we are there. thanx.

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  1. Not sure if you saw these, but a couple of options in the surrounding areas (New Haven, Holland).

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    1. There are a few good options around the area:
      1. Old Channel Inn in Montague (6905 W Old Channel Trl, Montague, MI) - not fine dinning, but very good perch dinner. Sort of a cool porch to have a drink outside. Also, can walk down the way to Lake Michigan
      2. Bear Lake Tavern (Muskegon, MI) - Old school tavern with good burgers and such
      3. City Cafe (downtown Muskegon, MI) - Bistro fare, very good sandwhiches
      4. Northside Pub (2353 Holton Road/M-120) Sort of hidden back behind a bank and grocery store. Good pizza
      5. Hobo's Tavern (1411 Whitehall Road, Muskegon, MI) - only have been here for drinks, but seems to be a good spot.

      1. Oh, and if you are willing to drive a bit (might be too far out of the way), but I can't rave enough about the Journeyman Cafe in Fennville. Very good food. Bit pricey, but all local. Also, be sure to purchase a loaf of bread to take home.

        Other drives...
        Spring Lake - Old Boys Brewpub (good beer & food)
        Holland - New Holland Brewery (same) & Butch's
        Grand Haven - Kirby Grill & the Rosebud are my faves