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Jul 31, 2007 06:34 PM

The Mansion Inn, New Hope

I must have walked by this place dozens of times (next to Marsha Brown's on the main drag) and not thought twice about it. It's a B&B, but according to the web site it also offers lunch and dinner to the general public in a four diamond restaurant (AAA).

I have never heard anyone mention this restaurant but the menu looks appealing and they seem to offer alfresco dining both on the front porch and behind the inn.

If you have been, I'd certainly like to hear comments.

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  1. My wife and I had been past this place many times, too, before we finally decided to have lunch there this past May. The outdoor garden is very nice and the food was quite good. I don't know about four diamonds, but we would go back.

    1. I have lived in Bucks county for 11 years and never thought of The Mansion Inn as anything other than a B & B. About 6 months ago, my daughter and I planned to go to Marsha Brown's for lunch but it wasn't opened so we were happy to find the Inn had a restaurant that was opened at that time. We were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is lovely and the service was friendly and efficient. The food was really very good. Based on our experience, I would definitely recommend it.