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Jul 31, 2007 05:35 PM

Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich Ct ?

I am going there and I am wondering if anyone who has been there could post something about it?

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  1. gosh, I wish I had good things to say about it. I only went once and it was about 4 years ago. But it was quite poor. I'm sort of a mexican food snob, I guess, but this wasn't even close. Just really bad.

    Now, considering the fact that you are already going there, that information really isn't very helpful for you... I'm sure there are some things on their menu that are decent. Unfortunately, others will have to chime in on what those are.

    Regardless, I went a long time ago and things very well may have changed. Please do report back on your experience. It's been quite some time since someone posted about Boxcar, so it does need a refresh.

    Thanks - Adam

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    1. re: adamclyde

      Thanks for the advice, I will bring a notebook and low expectations.

      1. re: scharffenberger

        I am trying hard to say something positive about my meal, or the service;but it aint easy. The virgin margherita was good and only 4.00

        My pork burrito was overly salty, both the red and green chili sauce lacked the proper texture and flavor.
        INMHO Red chile is supposed to have the consistency of gravy, and it should be mainly consists pureed ancho red chiles which give it a slow smoky complex flavor. And the green chili is supposed to be made from pureed green chilis that gives it a bright bite .
        The chili sauce they served was somewhat watery and lacked flavor.
        It didnt help that our server had Attitude, and service was slow.

        But the place was hopping with local families.Maybe they are afraid to go down the hill to Port Chester.

        If I should be invited to join friends there again I will politely decline.

        I know this post sounds like a food snob, but the Green Chile Salsa that Trader Joe's sells was better than what they were serving.

        So enough venting, my low expectations were met.

        1. re: scharffenberger

          sorry to hear, but not surprised. Sounds like the place is the same. What first tipped me off when I went years ago was the salsa. It tasted like tomato paste. Really bad. And the rest of the meal ended up being equally poor.

          But, like you said, PC is just around the corner, thankfully.

          - Adam

    2. we've been in the past 6 months and the food was quite good. Not the best mexican I have ever had but I'd go back. The one flaw for us was the lack of children's menu even tho the place was crawling with young un's (which is fine with us as we were there with our kids). The pirce is a bit higher than it should be for the food but what can you do?

      the food was freash, tasty and nicely presented.

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      1. re: KarenNYC

        I agree that it has improved recently. I like the carne asada, although it can be overly salty.

        I agree with Karen that it is odd that they don't have a kids' menu. I noticed that they added some language to their menu about controlling your children, so maybe they're trying to discourage kidlets. If they are, they are unsuccessful so far.

        1. re: lisette

          Karen - "...but what can you do"...erm...not go back? I ate in this place back in Feb...not impressed...I had their straight-up chicken burrito...very very average...and they charged like 18 bucks for it!!! I was stunned by their pricing to be honest...come on, I mean its tex-mex we're talking here nothing more nothing less. I have eaten WAY better at Chipotle in NYC at half the price!!!

          I would avoid this place at all costs and seek out better options in nearby Port Chester or Norwalk where Adam knows the mexican eating options inside out...

          1. re: Scotty100

            oh - I agree - that is exactly why we have not gone back. I thouhgt the general attitude of the owner/manager was extremely rude. when we asked about a child's plate or half portion or something they basically told us that their quality was too high for reduced prices etc... and we mentioned that we were not looking for a reduced price but intead of 3 tacos for $18 or something like that how about one for $9????

            their general attitutde was one of "if you don't like it we don;t need you" so we have not gone back.

            1. re: KarenNYC

              Unbelievable...I don't know how places like this stay in business with attitudes like that...

              1. re: Scotty100

                the thing that REALLY pisses me off is that no matter how snotty and rude places are most of them thrive! My general opinion is if they don't want kids there then make it well known OR have a kids menu from 6-7:30 and then say no kids after that hour.....

                1. re: KarenNYC

                  Why would anyone choose to go there without kids? It's not good, just convenient.

      2. We've been to Boxcar once, a couple months ago. We enjoyed the food, beginning with the queso and finishing with the fried ice cream. I found the servers friendly, but the service was slower than we prefer. (Had to wait a while for the Margaritas).

        I think the prices are too high for a tex-mex place, but I think the prices if FFD are too high in general, and that's especially true in places like Greenwich.

        Admittedly, our sticker shock was softened by a $50 gift certificate that I won in a contest (I knew all those hours playing online games would pay off!), and that probably softens my view of the restaurant as well.

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        1. re: Zobot

          Eh. The food is ok. We go every so often because our 5 year old really likes it and we don't mind terribly. If it were just the 2 of us, we wouldn't go at all.

          When we go it's early on a Saturday night. If we can't make it by 5:30, we don't bother. After that, there's often a line or it's quite busy and the barbarian hordes are often out in full force.

          We take our son to a lot of restaurants in the area. This one probably has more young kids than most of the others we go to and, maybe because of that, seems to be a haven for the sorts of families who think it's ok to let their kids wander, throw stuff around, be loud and generally be the sorts of children who give children in restaurants a bad name. Yes, I've seen all of those behaviors many times. I can't count the number of times we've been there and seen groups with kids (2 or 3 families going out to dinner with the kids) where the adults seem far more interested in talking to each other than in making sure their kids behave properly.

          I just looked at the menu on line. The language about controlling your children is "We ask that children be seated and supervised at all times." It seems entirely reasonable to me and it's kind of pathetic that parents have to be told that, but some of these parents do.

          Last time we were there one small child was walking around her table barefoot. Because, ya know, no one EVER drops a glass in a restaurant.

          Our child is well behaved in restaurants and they've never been anything but lovely and gracious to us. And, of course, we have also seen plenty of nicely behaved children there.

          No. No children's menu. He likes the chips and salsa (actually, so do we - I don't taste tomato paste at all) so he eats some of those. We get him an order of tortillas and, depending on what we're eating, an order of black beans. He likes to wrap the beans and chicken or steak off of our plates in the tortillas and he has a perfectly nice dinner. If he wanted something else, I'd probably look at the appetizer menu or give him more of what we're eating. The portions are pretty good sized. With a somewhat older kid who doesn't want or need an entire adult portion but still needs more than what I just described and who doesn't come with a sibling with whom to split a regular meal, I can see how the lack of a children's menu would become an issue.

          The margaritas are good.