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Jul 31, 2007 05:31 PM

NYC's Two Boots Pizza Coming to Echo Park

Say what you will about the blogosphere, I love my regular Eastside blog stops: Atwater Village Newbie, Franklin Avenue, Chicken Corner (a great Echo Park blog), and the Echo Park Historical Society. Catching up on the latest Echo Park news, I noticed this post on EPHS's blog:

"The owners of this commercial building on the southside of Sunset Boulevard between Lemoyne St. and Glendale Blvd. recently exposed part of the metal facade to reveal some of the original brick walls and stone arches of the building (see the black and white photo, courtesy of Mary-Austin Klein and Scott Fajack). The owners, which also run the popular Echo nightclub, recently won the backing of the EPHS to remove a section of the facade as they renovate part of the building for a pizza parlor. They need a final OK from the city before they can take off the rest. They do not have immediate plans to restore the arched windows or the remainder of the facade but we would expect the results will have nearby residents asking them to take the rest of that cheesey metal siding off and let that building's historic beauty shine through. We hope they listen."

I'm sorry, there's a new pizza parlor moving into the hood? Joy! A call to the Spaceland folks confirmed it and provided more details. Two Boots Pizza is going to occupy a space attached to the Echo, which as the post described, is shedding its tacky exterior to reveal its historical charm. But more on Two Boots. Their website describes it as:

"...New Orleans cooking with pizza and beer in a funky, family-friendly environment, TWO BOOTS (the boots representing the geographical shapes of Italy and Louisiana)..."

New Orleans cuisine and pizza is this girl's idea of a perfect combination. How does this work exactly? We're talking blackened catfish po'boys, strombolis, jambalaya, and chicken parmesan heros. And their pizzas? With cornbread crusts and names like The Newman (soprassata, sweet italian sausage on a white pie), The Bayou Beast (BBQ, shrimp, andouille, crawfish, jalapenos, and mozzarella), and my favorite pizza name so far, The Dude (cajun bacon chesseburger pie - tasso, ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella), Two Boots is obviously not your standard pizza joint.

Reviews (professional and bloggers) seem mixed (verging on really bad), but I'm willing to give Two Boots a chance, especially since they're going to be within walking distance from home.

They have six NYC outposts including one in Grand Central Station and another on Bleecker. I believe this is going to be the first Two Boots outside of NY and I officially welcome them with open arms into the hood.


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  1. Have had it a few times in NYC, it's pretty ubiquitous. But don't get your hopes up, it's rather average. Head West to Vito's instead.

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    1. re: nimo

      Concur to a tee. I'm happy it's here and I'm sure it will be a definite upgrade to what exists currently but, in comparison to other NYC pies -- and we're only talking just Manhattan -- it was merely serviceable. I thought Vinny Vincenz down the street rated better and he's just slightly better than average. That said, thank you for the head's up, Suebee.

    2. I'll have to ditto the yawn. Two Boots made its name back in the `90's with "creative" toppings (by old school NYC standards of the time). Now they're bringing creative pizza toppings to Newcastle.

      I put more priority on the quality of the crust, and I can't believe that a move to California is going to improve their meh crust in any way, but I hope I'm wrong. Broadening the NYC pizza gene pool in this town can't be a bad thing.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        That's too bad, Professor Salt. I have to say it was hard to find gushing reviews on the NY boards but maybe they'll get their act together for us here in LA!

      2. Don't get me wrong -- I like Two Boots, I went there regularly when I lived out there and I'll make a point to stop in to try it when they open -- but the good Professor has hit the nail on the head, it's coals to Newcastle.

        Besides, something about Two Boots will be missing unless I eat the food directly outside, and Silver Lake Boulevard's a poor substitute for curbside pizza eating compared to Astor Place.

        Now, if you told me that Lombardi's was opening a coal-oven pizzeria in L.A., I (who think "camping" is just a kinder, gentler term for "pretending to be in abject poverty") would be camped out there TONIGHT to be the first one in the door.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Not that it's an improvement, but Two Boots is going to be on Sunset Blvd., not Silver Lake.

          And what about Joe's opening in SM?

          1. re: Suebee

            i received and email from joe's saying that they are nearing the end if their construction and will open in august! i can not wait. that was my "let's order a pizza" pizza for 11 years. i hope it is the same but really, how could it be? no one can seem to get it right here ( ok, ok, i havent been to Vito's)

            ps. lived near two boots for 15 years and never cared for it. people go crazy for thier po'boys that i think are yuck

            1. re: NYCnowLA

              If it's like the current NY incarnation of Joe's, prepare to be disappointed -- they've been going downhill the past 5 years or so. I actually think there are a number of places in LA that I prefer to NY Joes, including Abbott's and Vito's.

          2. re: Das Ubergeek

            agree on lombardi's.

            2 boots is no good

          3. that's pretty sweet suebee; i live w/in walking distance and am psyched ill now be able to get a slice of pizza rather than having to buy a whole pie at masa's (although ive only had their pizza once). i used to work down the street from the bleecker st. one and often ran down there for a quick fix and was never disappointed. man i tell ya, LA is becoming pizza obsessed! btw, ever try pizza buona, or whatever that one on sunset & alvarado is called? i'm very curious as to how it is

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            1. re: unocal

              I haven't tried Pizza Buena, but go and let us know how it is. For pizza we usually go to Michelangelo's or Village Pizzeria in Larchmont Village which is run by a guy from Brooklyn.

            2. F--- the pizza, it's the New Orleans food I'm looking forward to!
              Though looking at their NYC location menus, for a place that boasts Italian and Louisiana food, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed they don't offer muffalletta sandwiches, which is a native NOLA sammich invented by their Italian immigrants.

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              1. re: Normal Garciaparra

                How can they have something on the menu called The Central Grocery, which is home of the muffalletta, and not have that sandwich or some olive salad in that sandwich. I will give it a try when it opens. Do they need permission of famous people to use their faces and names on their food? Curious?