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Jul 31, 2007 05:09 PM

Going to Tokyo - 1st time

I'll be by myself in a couple of weeks - traveling around - with two days in Tokyo. Thinking of staying in Shibuya. Can anyone recommend a hotel? Restaurants? Bars? Easy to get around please.

Also, if I should consider staying in another part of town - I'm looking for recommendations.

Basically, where would you send your sister in Tokyo.

Thanks in advance...I'll return the favor if you are ever in Los Angeles.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. not sure what your budget is, but the Hotel Mets is a pretty decent bet. Not too expensive, and linked to Shibuya Station.. exit the station via the New South Exit - (Shin-minami guchi). Its a farily new hotel and very handy.

      tonnes of great restaurants.too many to mention

      i'd search this board and and if you're into Ramen check for some recs..

      i'll be there in about 3 weeks too! cant wait... :)

      1. is a nice site and a noble effort by a true ramen lover, but nothing on there has been updated since early 2003. If you want some up-to-date Tokyo ramen reviews check out ....

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          Thanks for the recs...too hot for ramen - I know. I'm kicking myself. I ended up staying at the Cerulean Towers and had a fantastic meal at Aburiyaki An at XEX Daikanyama.

          Can't wait to go back!