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Jul 31, 2007 04:43 PM

Corkage/Wine Friendly in Vegas?

Hi... So instead of flying to Vegas, I will be driving from So Cal... for an upcoming trade show. In the past, I've generally bought wine (very, very expensive) from restaurants in Vegas, but this year, I'm thinking of bringing some bottles with me. Due to my prior experience, I don't have any knowledge of the great wine friendly/corkage friendly restaurants in Vegas.

Can the 'hounds please give me some ideas on restaurants that have wine/corkage friendly policies?

I will have a car (driving over), food quality is of great importance.

I've liked and had great meals at the following places in Vegas several times: Alex, Bartolotta, Renoir (now Alex, but different place), Lotus of Siam (used to live by Renu Nakorn in So Cal), Steakhouse at the Four Seasons (Charlie Parker?), Fleur de Lys, Aureole (not bad), Il Mulino, The Palm, Delmonico, and several other places.

Please note that the wines I bring will be very, very high end ones from my cellar, we will NOT open something that is already on the resto's wine list, will always but at least one bottle from the house and work to make sure our servers are generously taken care of.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Woo, you might need to call around some if you have specific restaurants in mind, because there aren't that many regular posters on this board who actually LIVE in Las Vegas, and I don't specifically remember reading posts relevant to your query, and I read this board a lot since we go to Vegas a lot. Are you interested in a more serious, subdued atmosphere, or someplace more lively? Steakhouse-wise, our favorites are Craftsteak and N9NE but I can't help you with the wine/corkage policy as we generally stick to cocktails. Seafood-wise, many like Michael Mina but we haven't been overly enthralled. Also, you may get some off-strip recommendations, you're open to that? We like Rosemary's a lot. Friends recently went to Prime and were extremely underwhelmed, in fact really disappointed, and I trust them implicitly. Are you open to spending the bucks at Robuchon or Savoy? (not that I know their wine policies). Oh yeah, I assume unless you're driving straight through from the O.C. that you'll have some kind of cooler in your car for your wine, it's damn hot on the drive.

    1. We have had good experiences at Envy, in the Renaissance Hotel right next to the Convention Center. I still have the empties from a Margaux, a Latour and a Sassicaia that we had them serve to us over the past year, and the handling was first-rate (the last two times we were not charged a corkage fee, since we had become "regulars"). Fortunately the food quality also held up well to what we were drinking. Being just off the strip they do seem to try a little bit harder.

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        The Pinot Brasserie has no corkage fees (at least they didn't at last check) -- can't get more wine/corkage friendly than that!

      2. Your best bet is to just call the restaurants that you are planning to dine at. There are way too many nice or "high-end" restaurants in the city to try and cover them all here - and they all have very different stances on corkage.

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          Todd's Unique in Henderson does not impose a corkage charge on Wednesdays, but be aware the restaurant is closed for vacation between August 5-20th.

          The Las Vegas Advisor published a pretty comprehensive listing that you can find at:

        2. Ate at N9NE in the Palms last week. They do not allow outside bottles. Not even with a fee. We were flatly refused.

          They do have an excellent list, however. And dinner was amazing.

          1. away from the strip but two places i really love in vegas that do very well are:
            lotus of siam which you mention and rosemary. very wine friendly and great meal at reasonble price with great stems.