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Jul 31, 2007 04:10 PM

Multnomah Village PDX recs?

What's your favorite place to eat in or near Multnomah Village?

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    1. #1, go to Cider Mill (Fryer Tuck's) for fried chicken; ignore what the place looks like from the outside, nice inside, copper ceiling. The fried chicken is great, everything is average. Just order the chicken. Or, head over to Hillsdale around the bend, and go to Casa Colima for their Albondiga Soup.

      1. IMO, the best place to eat in the area (by far) is Alba Osteria.

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          For dinner, I absolutely agree with JillO and Alba Osteria.
          Or on the less expensive side, you can try Seasons & Regions for good seafood.
          For lunch, I always meet friends at O'Connor's as a change from Marco's.

        2. Well, we ended up at Three Square Grill in Hillsdale, and it was wonderful! I really enjoyed the local ingredients -- I had fried chicken with a cornmeal waffle. Very yummy, and great leftovers! My 13 year old son had mac and cheese and loved the dollop of goat cheese on the top. Also had fried okra (very fresh and kept whole) with hush puppies (which I would have liked to have tried except my son inhaled them) all served with jalapeno jelly. Finished up with conconut cream pie which was very good -- not too sweet with a really nice texture. We'll be back, but I'd love to try Alba Osteria, too.

          1. Perhaps I'm just a pissy bastard, but I haven't been thrilled by Seasons & Regions or Three Square Grill. I haven't tried many of the places in Multnomah Village, just Thai Herbs, which was okay, and Village Hut, which was also okay.

            I do like Baker & Spice and Alba, though. And Salvador Molly's has a total of about two dishes worth eating: the tamales and the surfer taco, or whatever it's called.

            Both areas deserve better. At least it's not too bad to jump down the Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy and get some good asian eats.


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            1. re: extramsg

              I, too, would like to see Multnomah Village/Hillsdale expand their culinary selections. So many other areas of the city have improved -- Alberta, Hawthorne, etc. But I did like Three Square Grill. :o)

              1. re: bards4

                Glad you had a good meal at Three Square. I haven't been so lucky. I've tried dinner, I've tried brunch and both were not so good so I haven't been back. It's a popular place, though, a favorite of many.

                Had an OK happy hour dinner at Seasons and Regions and a seriously lousy lunch there once, it's so close to us but I have still not been back to try a real dinner.

                Village Hut was a lousy lunch too (I just knew we should have gone to the Garden Home Burgerville!), stuff dripping in a sauce I didn't like and stuff not cooked to order, just reheated.

                I like Baker and Spice's baked goods a lot (they have a couple of savory options for lunch) and I love Alba, but otherwise I head into NW, downtown, across the river, or toward Beaverton for decent food.

                There's a Falafel Shack opening up across from Wild Oats, next to Masada, btw. Hopefully it will add another decent option to the 'hood.