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Jul 31, 2007 02:53 PM

3 Night In Rome, Help

I need to make a choice for 3 nights, which would you go to?
Checchino dal 1887
Quinzi e Gabrieli
Il Convivo
Al Pompiere

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  1. We had dinner at Quincy and Gabrieli a few weeks ago and it was outstanding!! Order the lobster catalana style, you will not be sorry....or try their signature dish, pasta with lobster...simply heavenly. All the fish is delivered daily and also great. Don't overlook dessert, they too are over the top..We have dinner there at least once each year while in Roma. Sit on the patio its charming and more fun than inside.

    The other restaurant that we love in Roma is Pier Luigi, Piazza Ricci, great pasta and wonderful fish and seafood. Ask to sit with Umberto, he will make your evening a sheer pleasure. They are closed on Monday
    Stay away from Al Moro, behind the Trevi fountain, that was the worst meal we have had in Rome after many trips there. Nothing we ordered was edible, veal tough, pasta over cooked, even the bread was not good, and thats hard to do in Roma.

    When you return, please let us know about your choices...enjoy my favorite city.

    1. I assume you wish fine dining. In order from best to least good.

      1. and your third night: Il Convivio: last ate there Jan 2007. The wine steward really knows his stuff; ask for his recommendation with respect to your food. My favorite eating in Rome since 1998.

      2. and your 2nd night Checchino dal 1887. Last there March 2006. Good food, and the wine list is both outstanding and less expensive than in most restaurants. If you're brave enough to try tripe, then this is the place. If not, most menu selections are not tripe. Great for Roman cooking.

      3. and your 1st night: Piperno: Last there 2003. Not kosher, but still fine for the Jewish-Roman cuisine.

      4. Al Pompiere. Last there March 2007. Piperno is better for this kind of food.

      Quinzi e Gabrieli I've never tried.

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      1. re: Sid Cundiff

        Agree completely. Would add that we crossed off Al Pompiere years ago (bad pagliata) and have tried Quinzi e Gabrieli once, some years ago, and were appalled. At those prices they don't get a second chance.

      2. Was just at Piperno last month. Of course the artichokes were excellent, a bit pricey at 32 euro for four artichokes, but excellent. The house special pastas were also wonderful as were the oxtails and some kind of stew that my wife had. I'd definately go back.

        1. 40 minutes out of rome , tivloi great town
          restaurant sebilla
          very nice gorgeous location and food

          1. alos near pantheon
            la frienze
            middle restaurnat on right facing pantheon
            great atmospher also and good food to start your italy journey