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Jul 31, 2007 01:35 PM

Thursday night suggestions?

Howdy ya'll. Well I'm coming to NYC this weekend with my very hip mother and we are in need of some pre-theater dinner suggestions for this Thursday. It doesn't have to be super nice since we've got Babbo on Friday, but we'd enjoy a fun atmosphere with a good wine/cocktail selection. And preferably not italian food, grazie! We're going to Spring Awakening at 8pm so will have dinner early, but have no problem taking a cab if it's not in the area. Thank you so much! I've basically planned this entire weekend using this board and am so thankful for that. I'm just overwhelmed by options and would love a little guidance. Thanks again!- Dallas Chowhound

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  1. Howdy,
    What cuisines are you interested in?

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      We enjoy an eclectic and adventurous menu; not necessarily ethnic though. She tends to order fish/chicken and I'm actually a vegetarian but don't feel like making her go to an all-veg place and I can usually find something great at nice restaurant. Chefs often enjoy it when I leave my dinner up to their imagination (barring meat obviously). I guess just no Italian since we're doing that twice and no Mexican/Southwestern places since we're coming from plenty of it in Texas.

      1. re: Bollywood

        So it seems like you probably don't want to go too far from the theater, so maybe Chelsea would be a good area because there are a lot of great restaurants. Here are a few of my suggestions with great cocktails/wine: Boqueria (Spanish), The Red Cat (American), Sapa (Vietnamese). And on the east side - Blue Smoke (BBQ), Sushi Samba (Japanese), Les Halles (French Bistro).

        1. re: zoeterry

          I would skip Sushi Samba and Les Halles- both mediocre food and more hype. I agree that Red Cat might be a good option as well as Boqueria. Also, you might be able to get into Tia Pol without much of a wait since you are going early, great tapas and Spanish wine.

          1. re: jdream

            I'd skip Blue Smoke, too...who needs NYC BBQ when you've got Sonny Bryan's?

    2. Just east of the theater district 46th btw 5-6 Aves.) and an easy walk is Akdeniz, one of the City's terrific Turkish restaurants. It has a great, unbelievably delicious, generous, and inexpensive pre-theater menu ($19.95). It's a bit different but not too exotic. It's already so popular I hate to increase the traffic - you definitely need to reserve. They also know how to move people out in time for the show; very friendly service The salad is a wonderful and refreshing starter and the chicken chops and salmon kabobs are both great entrees. The baklava is an excellent choice for dessert.

      1. You don't have to stray from the area in order to get an excellent pre-theater meal. Two places I like:

        Marseille, on the corner of 9th Av. & 44th St., serves French/Mediterranean cuisine. Good service. Attractive, bustling brasserie setting.

        West Bank Cafe, on 42nd St., b/t 9th & 10th Avs., serves New American cuisine. Friendly, efficient service. Nice ambiance. Quieter than Marseille.

        Enjoy the show and Bon Appetit!

        1. There's some disagreement about it here, but I had a nice pre-theater meal at Hell's Kitchen on 9th & 46th.