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Jul 31, 2007 01:33 PM

How do I make iced green tea like the kind at Panera Bread?

When I make iced green tea at home it never tastes like the kind at Panera. I would love to know how to duplicate it at home. Any tips? Is it the brand they use or something they have infused into the tea?

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  1. I happen to have just had one of these (when the kids behind the counter found themselves totally at a loss as to how to go about making, or ringing up, a regular iced coffee). It tasted very sweet and... apple-y? floral? No hint of green tea flavor at all-- I'm guessing it doesn't start with "green tea" in the usual (Japanese) sense, but is some other thing with green coloring added.
    (Though I have to admit, my guess when I tasted it as to what that "other thing" might be was green apple palmolive)

    1. According to Panera's website the ingredients are: Water, tea concentrate (pure water, evaporated cane juice, green tea, plant extracts [color], natural flavors, citric acid). And a description of the drink on their website says it is infused with passion fruit and papaya, which is probably the "natural flavors." I'd start by brewing a basic green tea, dissolving some sugar and adding some passion fruit juice and papaya juice, tasting along the way. Perhaps a squeeze of lemon to account for the citric acid.

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        Thanks 'digkv' for specific iced green tea ingredients I could not locate on Panera's website. Been a favorite of mine for years!! My search for the recipe had been unsucessful so I started experimenting. Found a website to order green tea power, passion fruit tea powder, & papaya juice. Also found honeydew tea power that tastes just like Panera's frozen Honeydew Green Tea beverage I used to get. Now all I have to do is get the quantities down. Getting specific recipes from people & businesses is out of the question.

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          What website did you find to order the powders? I miss the frozen Honeydew Green Tea.

      2. MrsD - Did you get it? I had one on the weekend and it was very good and refreshing, also had that beautiful green colour. Would love to hear your recipe if you get it.

        1. I talked to the manager of our Panera Bread and found out it is a mix from The Republic Tea Company and they do not sell the mix. I can not find this stuff on the Republic tea site. They do have one in tea bags but is not green tea, it is black tea. So if anyone can find that mix, let us all know

          1. Thanks MrsD for posting this questions. I sometimes have dreams of this yummy sweet tea. Jacquier, remember it is an iced tea. I could only find it pre-mixed and bottled.
            in glass bottles for $4.75 ea:
            in plastic bottles for $2.79 ea:

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              interesting that the bottled tea is not green like at Panera. Has anyone tried the bottled stuff? I am on a mission to make this tea happen at my home:)

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                I am drinking one as i type...;) Panera Bread uses green tea but the think that gives it the fruit flavor and color is the passion fruit flavor they add . its really good if the person makes it right. i myself am going to try to make this at home.

                1. re: browntal

                  I asked about it last year, and it's true that it's from The Republic Tea Company, and made specially for Panera. It's includes papaya and passion fruit. If anyone finds something close, I'm all ears!

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                    I too have been on the quest for that Panera iced green. Recently, I found The Republic of Tea's Sweet Tea in Tropical Green. I'm convinced that it's the same tea we all love from Panera.
                    Although the label says it's sweet, I added a teaspoon of superfine sugar to mine. I looooove the sweetness of Panera's.

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                      I work there and can tell you all exactly what it is. It is the Republic of Tea's Sweet Tea in Tropical Green and the flavor they add is not papaya or passion fruit but rather a melon syrup. Very simple and very delicious but also expensive even if you buy it in the big plastic jugs.

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                        The linked website lists the ingredients as:
                        Fine Green Tea, Korean Hydrangea serrata leaves, stevia leaves, blackberry leaves, licorice root and natural tropical flavors.

                        When you work(ed) at Panera, did you add a melon syrup? because that is not listed in the ingredients, fwiw.

                        Mrs. D, are you still CH active; did you find a product you loved?

                        1. re: TLTraxx

                          Where can you purchase the melon syrup? I knew that it wasn't exactly the same as purchasing it. I asked a manager yesterday but he said he wasn't quite sure himself and just said republic of tea. I was going to purchase the tropical green tea mix.