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Jul 31, 2007 01:08 PM

five guys coming to athens [moved from South board]

i'm pretty bummed about this because my favorite crap chinese place is closing down. RIP Cheng's Downtown! No longer will I be able to practice my mandarin while ordering ta cheng chicken + fried rice.

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  1. Anybody know if their burgers are any good?

    Personally, I seldom go out for burgers. They're so darned easy to make at home. And you can cook them how you want them....

    Avoided Cheng's after one visit. Bad for the stomach.

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    1. re: uptown jimmy

      They are nothing special really and tend to fall apart, from my one experience at one of the Atlanta locations. This will likely get moved to the chain board.

      1. re: uptown jimmy

        i ate there once and thought they were better than your average fast food bear. i hear back yard burgers are better though. anyone know of a back yard burger in athens?

        i wish something else was moving in there.... seems like a huge space to put a five guys, which ive only seen in a mall foodcourt setting...

      2. I live in the Tampa Bay area - we have a local place called El Cap, which is really good. But as far as chains go - there isn't a good place for a burger until 5 guys came along... For a chain rest. - it's way better than McD's, Wendy's,etc... it's the closest thing - but still worlds away from In and Out - but worth the try. Fatburger isn't that bad either

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        1. re: dmfnole

          I would have to say as far as chains go Five Guys is my favorite.Of course we don't have one close so when we get to eat at one it is a treat.

          1. re: dmfnole

            Five Guys is great for a chain. I went to El Cap once and it made me ill. I refuse to return.

          2. Five Guys is a Northern Virginia-based chain. Search the DC board and you will find WILDLY varying opinions from best burger ever to worst burger ever. Depends entirely on who is managing the store, although consensus is that overall product quality has gone down significantly since they started franchising. My theory is that since franchisees are forced to purchase 5 stores in an area at a time, because of this large initial capital investment, they tend to skimp on inventory. Just a theory though.