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Jul 31, 2007 12:49 PM

In Westfield, what's the name...

...of the restaurant that is located in Mojave Grille's original location? (North Ave.) Any comments about it?

My palate was getting all happy about trying Freshwaters (Plainfield) for the first time tonight, only to learn they're closed on Tuesdays until further notice. :(

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    1. They actually changed their name from Blue Water to Blue Wave. I think they got into some trade mark issues with a restaurant of the same name somewhere else (I believe Manhattan).
      I have never been there, however a few people told me that it is very good and not just for the seafood but also for the meat dishes. We are planning to try it at one point. Only drawback: No outside seating.

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        Food Fetish is right about the name. Blue Water is in NYC, and I think there is another one with that name in South Jersey somewhere too.

        I have been there several times. Everything I've had is wonderful, including the non-seafood items. My husband doesn't eat any seafood and never had a problem finding something tempting especially the pasta dishes. One of my favorites is the onion-crusted tilapia with a cream sauce - I don't know if it's still on the menu, I had that dish when they first opened but it was really something special.

        Service very good too. They did a really nice job of transforming the space from the southwestern look to a soothing nautical decor which isn't kitschy.

        Too bad about Freshwaters being closed Tuesdays. I wonder why that is? They must be holding some kind of special events. Make a point to go tho - it's one of my favorite local places.

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          Blue Water Seafood Grille is on Rt 18 in East Brunswick....at least I think it's East Brunswick.

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            The accurate name is Blue Water Seafood Company, and it has always surprised me that B. R. Guest Restaurants, which owns Blue Water Grill in NYC, (part of Steve Hansen's "empire") has never come after them about the name. It is on Route 18 North, in E. Brunswick. We had one dinner there, and once was once too often. The food was horrible!!