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Jul 31, 2007 12:31 PM

The Oceanaire Seafood Room [moved from Boston board]

I just found out that the former US Trust space on the street level of 40 Court Street is being renovated to be a new restaurant - The Oceanaire Seafood Room. I'd never heard of it, but a web search discovered that it's an "upscale" seafood restaurant with 14 locations nationwide.

I always thought that space would make a great restaurant & bar. Has anyone ever been to one of their locations?

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  1. Great news to hear!

    Yes, we had it in DC, and I loved it. It's a fine dining seafood/steakhouse aesthetically reminiscent of an early 1930's era ocean liner. I only ever had the seafood, which was delicious (and imaginably will be better up here), and drinks. They are known for their variety of fish -- which is a huge plus for me, as I love variety. I'm hoping the Boston location lives up to how much it was loved in DC!

    1. I have been to their Seattle, Minneapolis and Baltimore locations and have always enjoyed the experience despite it being a chain. Its a "steak house" style/decor/service fish restaurant. Sides are served a la carte (they have amazing hash browns). Pricey but extensive wine list. Nice bar. Good for taking the business set out to dinner. I

      1. I have dined in the Minneapolis one, and it was wonderful. not just the great fresh fish, but the wines and the ambiance...

        One of the Top Chef Cheftestants, Brian, is the Exec of Oceanaire in San Diego.

        1. This is my favorite fine dining restaurant here in San Diego. The food is fantastic -- you've never had a great crab cake until you've tried theirs -- and the fish dishes range from as simple to as imaginative as you might hope. The decor is stunning. The San Diego location looks like a re-imagined art deco yacht club. Lastly, I've dined with large groups as well as dinners for two -- the service has always been impeccable.

          1. One of my favorite restaurants here in Indianapolis, exceptionally good oysters