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Jul 31, 2007 12:22 PM

where to get super hot sauces?

i remember a few years ago Dominion had a rack of super hot sauces at the front...they were reasonable priced (6 dollars or so) and i bought 'blairs mega death' or something like that.

does anyone know where I can get these now? i dont want something like Pure Capsaicin Crystals....just a very very very hot sauce

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  1. try Taste on the Danforth, they have some incredible hot sauces (and other great flavoured vinegars and oils) and you can taste test anything before you buy it to make sure its hot enough for you!

    1. There's a spot on the ground floor at the SLM that has a huge selection.

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        Cajun Corner on queen east near the intersection of queen and broadview carries quite a few hot sauces. They list the ones they have on their website

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          both taste on the danforth and cajuncorner come highly recommended. I picked up some defcon 2 sauce from "taste" a few weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to put it to use yet.

          If you order food at cajun corner, they have a plethora of hot sauces at your disposal as condiments. They also have their homemade hot sauce too.

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            I buy and use the Defcon 2 wing sauce from Taste. Hands down the best wing sauce I've ever had!

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            Cajun Corner is between Logan and Carlaw, beside Value Village.

        2. There is a place, on the lower level near the west side doors, of St Lawrence market that has a rack of many specialty hot sauces, I recall seeing Blair's ones there...

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            Pusateri's also has a good selection.

          2. Taste on the Danforth is where I go for all my heat needs! The sauces are actually organized from mildest to hottest, and the staff know what they're talking about. The bonus of being able to try anything is great.
            What I like most about Taste is that they carry sauces with different types of heat, as well as different hot products-I'm addicted to the Scorned Woman hot mustard. Some of the hot sauces have amazing, unique flavours, and the store stocks a good number of products exclusively to the area.

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            1. re: sevenblades

              so where exactly is taste on the danforth? google yields only taste OF the danforth with 9 thousand hits

              1. re: ssainani

                Taste The 4th Sense
                375 Danforth Avenue
                Toronto, Ontario
                M4K 1P1
                Riverworks Emporium
                1440 King Street
                St. Jacobs, Ontario
                N0B 2N0


                1. re: ssainani

                  Danforth and Chester, south side. Right by Alex Farms.

              2. Do they have World Market Stores in Toronto? I think Panera Bread owns them. They
                do have Blair's Death Sauce!