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Jul 31, 2007 12:08 PM

Gazillion yellow pear tomatoes

Any suggestions what to do with them - my tomato plants have taken over the garden and now we have too many tomatoes!

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  1. Oh, I am so jealous... I live in Phoenix, where a summer garden is pretty much just impossible! When I lived in the midwest I grew the little yellow pear tomatoes, though. I made lots of little crostini: Grill slices of baguette that have been brushed with garlic-infused olive oil. Top with soft goat cheese, halved tomatoes, basil, and sea salt and pepper. I also made a really good salad: Mixed greens, a little green onion, blackberries!, tomatoes, toasted sliced almonds, blue or feta cheese, and vinaigarette of your choice.

    1. Have you seen those tiny "pearl-sized" mozzarella balls at the grocery store? I would drain those and toss with the tomatoes, some fresh basil, balsamic vin, and s& p... pretty boring I guess. Or make a tomato tart with some yummy cheeses and a drizzle of olive oil... maybe you could freeze some if they are the tiny ones?

      1. You can also make a sweet tomato conserve, or a savory tomato clafouti--search on the Home Cooking page, it's been discussed.

        1. when we had this "problem" (and I am jealous because we are now apartment dwellers and don't have a garden), we used them in pasta as others have suggested. Just about anywhere fresh chopped tomatoes were called for we used them. But eventually we had too many for even that, so we just threw them in a pan, cooked them, with garlic and herbs , or just salt, and pureed them. We used the puree (skin and all), during the winter.

          1. Aren't they amazing plants? When I had a tomato farm, my MIL asked me for some of the yellow "light bulbs" and I was so stressed and tired at the time and the little tomatoes were so annoyingly slow to pick that I pulled out a ten foot plant and left it on her front porch. She still talks about it.

            Pasta seems like a good way to use them up. I do a puttanesca with uncooked tomatoes, capers, olives, anchovies, red onion, basil and lemon rind, a little olive oil and parm. Very good and no cooking (except for the pasta).