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Jul 31, 2007 11:59 AM

Chicken Wings in Chicago

There are plenty of bars that sell wings. Any suggestions on some of the best in the city?

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  1. What kind of wing do your prefer? I think Mcgee's in Lincoln Park serves a good sized wing and the sauce is pretty good, a little unbalanced. It is hard to find a good wing though, and they rank near the top for me. BW-3s on lincoln is a chain, and the sauces are great but the wings are miniscule so you have to order a lot, and it gets pricey. People rave about buffalo joes in evanston, good meat, although I have thought they had too much butter in the sauce, not enough pepper and vinegar. it's not a bar, but a place just for wings and fast has been a couple years though, so I'll give them another shot.

    McGee's Tavern & Grille
    950 W. Webster Ave.

    Buffalo Joe's (Evanston)
    812 Clark St., Evanston
    Tel: (847) 328-5525

    Buffalo Wild Wings
    2464 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
    Tel: (773) 868-9453

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      thank you so much for your input. I've tried BW-3's and its what i call sub par. I am going to give McGee's a shot, plus tonight its 10 cents wings. Thank you for your input!

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        I also second Toon's Bar on Southport, they have really good jumbo wings!

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          There's a pair of bars on the northside owned by the same folks (Though I heard a rumor that things may have changed)-
          The Wild Goose on Lincoln- 4265 N Lincoln Ave and the Rail- 4709 N Damen Ave- both are sports-bar-type places, but that's fine for wings!

          I have kind of tired of the scenes in the bars themselves, but their wings are great- HUGE and simply sauced- I think it is distinctively "Frank's Red Hot" based, but they are what I crave when I crave wings. And they were 10 cents each on Mondays.

          I went to school in central NY and sometimes went on pilgrimages to Buffalo for the real thing- Syracuse had good wings, too-

        2. Toons on Southport.

          I am not a wing conoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I have tried them at a whole host of places in town--including many of the most-ballyhooed (e.g., Yakzies, Buffalo Joe's, BW-3, Hooters, McGee's, etc.)--and my favourites can be found at Toons, the neighbourhood bar on Southport.

          Toons serves meaty, unbreaded wings with a traditional Buffalo-style sauce, just like I like 'em.

          Oh, and, FWIW, I first learned about Toons right here:

          3857 N Southport (~ Byron


          1. If you want the "Real Thing" aka; Anchor Bar Buffalo style wings then; Franks for the Memories, 645 E Hawley St, Mundelein, IL, 847.949.9464 is the best place in the Chicago area period. Link to menu:

            Franks For the Memories
            645 E Hawley St, Mundelein, IL 60060

            1. I like Yakzie's wings best...they're perfectly sized, maybe a bit smallish, and usually cooked perfectly. The hot dogs are pretty good as well. I am not a fan of this place AT ALL but I admit that it's the best for wings. The beer selection is pathetic! Anyone ever try the Killer Death wings (not on the menu) at Yak Zies? In College I used to split a tub of 100 wings on a regular basis between two and had no less than an order of 30...yeah I know, I was a little nuts!
              Buffalo Joe's serves 2nd rate food. I recall on several occasions broken wings or mangled drummetes and limp and lifeless carrots and celery.
              I do enjoy BW3 wings as well. I like the consistency, variety, and quality.
              The last time I had McGee's (2 years ago) wings our entire group ended up with food poisening...except for me heh heh.

              For something different, try the tasty grilled wings at Jake Melnicks on Huron. They're lightly Latin spiced and taste homemade. They're quite good.

              If you're into grilling, buy a few of Steven Raichlens homemade dry rubs. I like the Lonestar and the Island Spice (sort of like Jamaican jerk). I usually make my own rubs and rarely ever buy store bought rubs but Steven Raichlen is a genius! His rubs taste soooo fresh. You're friends will love your wings, burgers, steaks, ribs, brisket, etc, etc, made with Steven's rubs.

              1. Supposedly Yakzies wings are delicious...also Kincades has a deal on Tuesday nights, its like 10-25 cent wings or something...dont really know the price, just know its cheap. Friends said they were good.