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Visiting Brockville and Prescott

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I'm staying in Brockville on the weekend, and visiting Prescott during the same trip and was wondering where to eat. There are no threads that I could find on either place.

So suggestions? Driving to Kingston is not an option, has to be in the area.

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  1. I think Merrickville is on the way from Brockville to Prescott - maybe the Sam Jakes Inn?

    1. My friend lives in Brockville and I spent a couple days up there for a visit last summer. There's this cute cafe with an outdoor patio with some great salads called Brockberry Cafe. Perfect for this summer weather. We were also out in Merrickville where there's this place called Gad's Hill Place which is an Old English style restaurant based on the works of Charles Dickens. The menus are even embedded with Dickens books! Kinda quaint and cute for something a bit different.

      1. Darn, I was just in the downtown Brockville and found an adorable little spot. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the place, I know it sounds Italian. It looks fairly new with two older vespa scooters in the front. Cute little cappuccino and sandwich bar with really quite good pie and awesome soup!

        We were just there on the weekend and we were very pleased to have found the place.

        1. Merrickvile is not on the way to Brockville. You would have to take a 30-45 minute detour (each way). However, if you were willing to do that, I would agree with the Sam Jakes Inn or Baldachins.

          In Brockville, 1000 Islands Seafood used to be decent but I haven't been there in a long time. It's on King Street near the Arts Centre.

          1. The sandwich place mentioned above is called Boboli, it does have very good sandwiches and pasteries. 1,000 Islands Seafood is no longer open. Brockvile has a lot of "hit or miss" type of restaurants. If you want pizza, my suggestion would be 1000 Islands pizza, they're pizza is amazing!

            1. I have family in Brockville, and visit there often. Excellent food can be found at the Buell Street Bistro (across from the post office). Enjoy!

              1. Reporting back on the trip....

                Merrickville was too out of the way as we spent both evenings at the Prescott Shakespeare Festival watching Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Nights Dream. The plays ended at 9:30 both evenings, which left us few options when we returned to Brockville, where out B&B was located.

                Note that we did not eat in Prescott. Lovely place, looks like some beautiful B&B's, but the community is lacking in restaurants. There are some, but they seemed to be a collection of a sports bar, a few chinese restaurants, fish and chips, greek and a greasy spoon or two. The only disappointment as the people were friendly, the town is beautiful, and the plays were great (the guy who plays bottom is hilarious if you get to go).

                So chow was mostly limited to Brockville, and both evenings we were limited by what we could get after 10pm. Hence, both evenings we ended up at Buds by the Bay, and managed to get our orders in by 10:20 as the kitchen closed at 10:30. First night I had the catfish, which was swimming in a mildly spicy salsa, cajun rice and steamed veggies (1 piece of broccoli and a lot of carrots). It was OK, and the catfish was a bit tasteless in the salsa. I guess this is mostly barfood. My wife had the chicken, mandarin spinach salad. The next night we both had burgers and fries. The burgers were big and meaty, and the fires were almost fites style, and were surprisingly good. Overall the food was fine for the price, and the portions were large, but not really chow-worthy.

                We were able to visit the Brockberry Cafe for lunch one day and we both had the turkey club. Large pieces of house roated turkey with bacon and amazing fries. We were so disappointed we were not able to eat dinner here.

                We stopped for Brunch in K-town on the way home and ate at Le Chien Noir, en terrasse. My wife had the chicken sandwich and I had the ham and brie sandwich. They were a bit disappointing, but again we found amazing frites and and the side salad was terrific.

                We had breakfast each morning at the Green Door b&b in Brockville. Excellent meals, with scrambled eggs with fresh herbs, home made preserves, homemade buttermilk biscuits, lemon-blueberry pancakes, and fresh fruit. Fantastic place.

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                  Hello All,
                  I am headed to Brockville for this weekend. Any updates???? I schedule my activities on vacation around meals....