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Jul 31, 2007 11:40 AM

Coming to Atlanta for a conference

- can anyone recommend a great place to go to dinner close to downtown?

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  1. Do some searching around on this board... lots of downtown suggestions. My personal choice would be French American Brasserie (FAB) - excellent.

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      I went to Ecco which is in midtown and it was AMAZING! The desserts, an olive oil cake with citrus marmalade and rosemary ice cream, and a burnt honey and gorgonzola ice dream, were phenominal. Its rustic homestyle italian and the prices aren't bad for the food. I think the food is almost worth a trip to Atlanta and I live in Texas.

    2. If you're staying downtown, probably the best choice, believe it or not, is Nikolai's Roof at the Hilton. Don't let the decor put you off (the czar and cossacks disappeared year's ago) but the food, wine and view are terrific.
      If you are closer to mid-town, defined as north of North Ave. to about 17th St; the following are options:
      Trois, good experience but not everyone agrees
      Veni Vedi Vecci; haven't been in a long time but recently got good reviews in the paper.

      1. Close to downtown on Howell Mill Rd is Bacchanalia, it is a wonderful great restaurant. There is also JCT Kitchen right behind there.
        Let me know which restaurant you pick and how it was.
        Have fun!

        1. Just east of downtown are a few restaurants that are great - Rathbun's, Rathbun's Steak, Sotto Sotto (incredible Italian). Would check out the menus online ahead of time and see what you are in the mood for!