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Jul 31, 2007 11:24 AM

Italian Pastries-King County?

Is there a place to buy real, honest to goodness cannoli, like the kind I used to get in Brooklyn? Anywhere in King County?

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    1. re: stolenchange

      Thanks! I will check it out this weekend.

      1. re: stolenchange

        I am a native and a long-time appreciator of Borracchini's. It's a fine place to stop in for some slightly exotic groceries at lunch, and one of the better bets in town when you really need a sheet-cake for the office party, but fine Italian pastry, it ain't. Sheet cake;Yes, Doughnuts;OK; Pastry, Not. A very fun place, though, and we are proud to have it.

      2. I know that Tutta Bella (pizzeria in Wallingford and Columbia City) has cannoli on their dessert menu. Never tried it so I cannot vouch for its authenticity or tastiness however.

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        1. re: roma_girl

          tried it last week.
          Not a real Cannoli.

          It's a cannoli shaped shell made from a pizzelle...

          They also mix pistchios into the filling.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            I was in Boston last weekend and flew back with some cannoli from Modern!

        2. I don't think Seattle has any places with proper little Italian pastries. Unlike NYC, Seattle never really (to my knowledge) had a large Italian immigrant community, so there's not really that collection of old, neighborhoody Italian bakeries.

          There are some things for which you simply have to visit Brooklyn. However, if you do find such a place around here, please post and let us know!!!

          1. I'm not sure how authentic they are, but I did have a tasty cannoli from the deli inside DeLaurenti's in Pike Place Market. And they didn't pipe the filling into the shell until after I ordered it.


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            1. re: gmm

              I'll give this a whirl.

              Don't any of the old school italian places around here do it?
              I know not at the Volterras or La Spigas
              but the Mitchelli's or the Machiavelli's

              Do we have to add this to the "Can't Find in Seattle" list along with BBQ, Pub-style burgers and street food?

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                Il Terrazzo Carmine has cannoli on the dolce list from time to time...

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  Greenyoshi - if you can't find street food, BBQ or pub-style burgers, you haven't been looking hard enough. Look to the Tractor tavern in Ballard for your pub burgers (amazing), the "Skillet" wagon for more gourmet street food, or any of the Taquerias around - La Comida is a good, authentic Taqueria truck just outside Home Depot on Aurora across from Evergreen Washelli cemetery (oh I know) - walk around the U-district for more street food options, and don't miss some of the fantastic hot dog carts around! For BBQ you will want to try Pike Place Market. Alas, however, our search for an authentic (and delicious) cannoli in Seattle still goes on... Let us know if you find one! :-)

              2. i saw Dolce Europa has a market and bakery ~ but i didnt have time to stop.. its on 503 South Michigan.. the website shows they provide foodservice bakery stuff..

                Borracchini's is aweful. so nearly anything would be better, imho.

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                1. re: elicia

                  isn't that wholesale only?
                  (or at least wholesale quantities only...)

                  1. re: GreenYoshi

                    looked like a storefront & deli to me! i'm gonna try to get there today and let you know!

                    1. re: elicia

                      stopped in today: its NOT a deli, and there are not fresh italian pastries. the DO repackage their foodservice desserts in smaller portions for retail sale, in a freezer case. i bought some tortalini and thats it.

                      the search continues...