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Way too many apricots

So... over the weekend my in-laws brought home about 8 lbs of apricots. They are very tiny (kind of like those italian plums) and they don't have a whole lot of flavor when eaten alone... what should I do with them? Apricot pie? Apricot jam? Chicken and apricots?

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  1. I think I'd go with a jam or conserve. You might make it with some Grand Marnier to help punch up the flavor.

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      Grand Marnier is a good idea... do you think lemon juice/zest would help too? Like I said, they are pretty bland.

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        or orange zest keeping with the Grand Marnier. You could also do a combo apricot & peach preserve too.

    2. I was in the same situation this wknd, my MIL had me take home bags & bags from their ranch. I used up 3 lbs of little apricots & small peaches in a crumble/crisp baked in a 8" square pan (much easier than pie). A 9x13 pan would use up 6 lbs of fruit. I froze the rest (first cut in half & deseed) and plan to use or puree for other baked goodies in the future - muffins, a killer apricot bread (like banana, but apricot!), etc. Since you only have apricots & if you don't think they have enough flavor, use things like lemon zest, ginger, orange blossom water, almond flavoring, & the like to zip things up.

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        Apricot bread might be good... I just made a wonderful and easy banana bread this last weekend - hmm... I also love your crumble/crisp idea, since I don't make a very good pie crust (I was just going to buy one). Thank you!

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          Do you just substitute apricots (in my case peaches) for the banana in the banana bread recipe? Do you have to peel first or cook? I'm a novice when it comes to baking with fruit.

        2. On another thread is a discussion of clafouti. The first time I ever had clafouti at a wonderful restaurant in Orinda CA and it was delicious. The apricot goes very nicely with egg custard. Or a souflee. I also have a recipe for apricot mousse..Stew them with a liquor and orange zest for ice cream.
          Apricot cheesecake would also be nice if you're looking at desserts.
          And then with what you have left, yes, jam with Grand Marnier.

          1. Daiquiris. To have apricots year round for daiquiris:
            Freeze the apricots. Just blanch, peel, add that citrus stuff??? that keeps them from turning dark, put in a cottage cheese carton,cover with water, wax paper on top, cover, and freeze.

            Then when needed you throw some in the blender with rum and other ingredients.

            Also the frozen apricots are great on ice cream, or make apricot sorbet. We use them in crepes with ice cream and brandy over the top.

            1. I live right next to an apricot orchard. I would have no problem with 8 lbs. of apricots, but I am looking at about 8lbs. A DAY! When the bucket empties, I go pick more. The commercial picking is over, so the orchardist neighbors let me go in the orchard and pick whatever I want. It is amazing how many are left on the trees. These past 2 days have been spent making apricot crisp, apricot/peach crisp, apricot/blueberry crisp. I have already made freezer jam. The jam that did not set up became ice cream topping. I will probably make an apricot/blueberry pie tomorrow. I am having company this weeknd, so I am sure it will all get eaten up. I like the sound of apricot clafouti. Anyone have a favorite recipe?

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                Every year my sister make piles of apricot fried pies. seems she can`t make enough of them. and she makes alot of peach fried pies, but the apricot is out favorite.

              2. Some good ideas here. I have a similar problem; bought some bland apricots a few weeks ago, couldn't think what to do with them, froze them. They're defrosting today, and I can't decide whether to do a crumble, a pie, or a bread--the banana bread idea is intriguing.

                I was also thinking of using them for the Sir Gawain fruit cake.

                1. Apricot chutney is great! Substitute apricots for mango(e?)s in any basic sweet chutney recipe.

                  1. I made Roasted Apricot sorbet with fresh apricots I got locally. Since Cape Cod isn't a place one normally thinks of in terms of fresh apricots the dried apricot that the recipe called for really boosted the flavor. I used Trader Joe's Apricot Slab and increased the amount that the recipe called for. It was really amazing sorbet. You can find the recipe on Epicurious.com.

                    1. Tonight I will be making an apricot and ginger pie... it has a crumble topping made with Grape Nuts cereal of all things. The recipe is from Epicurious - I will let you all know how it turns out. And 'Kagey,' let me know what you decide to do with yours and how it turns out!

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                        Oh dear. When I returned home from work yesterday, my apricots had thawed into brown mush. They looked awful and I ended up dumping them. Luckily, it was only about 10 apricots, and not 8 lbs. I just couldn't deal with them.

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                          Darn!!! That has happened to me before.... My apricots were ready and waiting. I made the apricot and ginger pie from Epicurious. I omitted the bottom crust altogether (so, I suppose it was more of a cobbler) and spruced up the filling with a couple generous squeezings of lemon juice. I thought it turned out magnificent and I used up about 3-4 lbs of apricots. Next time, I will blanch and peel the apricots since the skins did give it a slightly bitter flavor....

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                            I know that when making jam, you've got to use the skins because they tend to be where all the flavor is in most apricots. I'm surprised that they made your cobbler bitter. You didn't include the stones, did you? Anyhow, I love crisps and cobblers. No fussing around too much with rolling and shaping crusts.

                      2. A few other ideas...

                        Apricot Bran Muffins

                        Apricot Rugelach... Spread dough w/ honey, sprinkle with chopped apricots and nuts if desired; roll and bake.

                        Stew some up and bake inside croissant dough.

                        Stuffed shortbread cookies... Cut shortbread dough into rounds; top with a dollop of peanut butter and a sprinkle of chopped apricot; then top with another round and seal edges and bake