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Jul 31, 2007 11:04 AM

Is there anything worth eating on I-80 in PA?

Will be traveling from Colorado to Ny on I 80. Any suggestions of places to stop midway through PA?

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  1. Although this isn't exactly midway, I discovered a wonderful place called The Inn at Turkey Hill just off the Bloomsburg exit on 80. The rooms are nice (although not any better than the Hampton Inn across the street), but the restaurant is wonderful. It's not Philly, but it is quite civilized. It also has a nice bar and wine selection.

    1. Your best bet heading EB through PA is to get off on the exits for State College, park the car, stretch a bit and walk around till you find a place that fits your need at that moment. State College is home to Penn State is and it's a typical small town with big university community - lots of cheap eats, decent selection of ethnic, a smatterring of fine dining. Your other best option west of State College is to stop and get a pizza in Youngstown, Ohio ;-)

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        State College excellent suggestion. Highway Pizza is very good. Last I knew there as a decent Chinese restaurant: Golden Wok. Absolute must is Ice Cream on campus at the Creamery.

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          Aw, come on, Iron Bridge is at least half decent, and not quite as far west as Youngstown. ;-)

          That's still at the western end of PA, though, and the Bloomsburg one is closer to the eastern end (and maybe a bit too fine dining for a road trip? Maybe not, depends upon what you like). Not much in between, apart from the State College suggestion, although a few places I'm not familiar with have come up in other threads. A search for I-80 will return the results.

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            Never heard of it, but took a look at the link. That's one gigantic menu. They can do all of that well?

            I got a chuckle out of the Russian Roulette Peppers - "some are hot some are not"? That's an odd concept.

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              Funny, I hardly ever even look at the regular menu. Just order from the daily specials, which are numerous. (I suppose that sort of practice is another argument. Some items are routinely on that list. Some people think that means it shouldn't be specials. Whatever.)

              I dunno. Everyone has different standards. Can they do all of it well? I haven't tried all of it. Is anything really that crazy, though? I don't think the menu is reaching that hard. I find the place to be comfortable, the service to be good, and the food to be above average. If we take a trip up to Grove City for something or pass through there for some reason, we usually work in a trip to Iron Bridge. It's also notable on a trip across fairly barren I-80 in PA. It's not worth a trip up there on its own, but it's good if you're passing through.

              Hey, yayadave agrees with me. I'm not just alone in the wilderness here. ;-)

        2. At the western end of Pa, on rt. 19, just south of I 80 is the Iron Bridge Inn. Great from burgers to prime rib.

          Toward the middle of the state is Restless Oaks. Maybe further off of I 80 than you’d care to go. Of course, that’s the home of Woolrich Woolins if you have time to shop at the real factory store.
          For Restless Oaks:
          Follow I-80 East to exit 178, Route 220 North towards Lock Haven
          Follow Route 220 North to the McElhatten exit.(Approximately 15 miles
          )Turn right onto Reservoir Rd
          Turn left on Pine Loganton RD
          Restless Oaks will be on the left

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            HAH! A few miles down the road, now, and I'll still toot for the Iron Bridge and Woolrich Woolens, but don't think I'd stop at Restless Oaks.

          2. For eating along I-80, here are my favorites from east to west. In the Poconos, in Blakeslee, there is Murphy's Loft on Rt. 115 about a mile south of I-80. The food is quite good and customers can use the pool, too. The Watson Inn in Watsonville is good as is the Lewisburg Hotel in Lewisburg. State College is also a favorite of ours though a little farther away from I-80. In Emlenton, there is there is a truck stop that is the only decent one along I-80 (other hounds have agreed on another board). In Knox, there is the Wolf's Den. Sit at the bar and enjoy a good sandwich and great atmosphere to boot. At the western end of Pennsylvania, there is the Middlesex Diner at the Sharon exit -- Rt. 18 at Rt. 60 in West Middlesex. Good food at good prices. Also, I can second the recommendation for Iron Bridge Inn plus its sister restaurant Rachel's just down the road both a mile or so south on Rt. 19 at the Mercer exit, though some hounds say they are not up to their former level of food.

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              Resurrecting this thread in hopes that I get a job in central PA :-)

              Can anyone say more about the ones JFR mentioned: Murphy's, Watson Inn, Wolf's Den, and Rachel's? I'm guessing it's basic "American" food? Like bar & grill or microbrewery type places where it's possible to also get a nice spinach salad or maybe some kind of Asian-fusion-hoo-ha tuna plate?

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                See Restless Oaks above. Rachel's is almost to the Ohio line. Not too central.

            2. Probably not relevant, but if you are making the trip during winter months, I'd recommend that you stock the car with K-rations or MREs. The highway, particualrly in the Pocono area, is prone to debilitating traffic jams from snow and ice storms. I've been stranded, no movement whatsoever, for as long as six hours on more than one occasion. I would have gladly gone to a McDonalds or Burger King if I knew one was in walking distance ... Happy motoring!