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Jul 31, 2007 10:20 AM

Great MD Seafood and Crabs

I'm a NY hound who will be in Baltimore this weekend. Looking for great crabs/chowder/seafood within walking distance of our lodging, as we will not have a car.

We are staying at the Baltimore Marriott at Camden Yards. Would love suggestions - thank you!

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  1. Unfortunately the Inner Harbor area near your hotel is Chain Central (McCormick & Schmicks, Capital Grille, Rusty Scupper, Legal Seafood). How great are you looking for? And what's your price range?

    I would consider taking a cab over to the Fells Point area. If price isn't an object consider Charleston restaurant. Or if a thinner wallet then Mama's on the Half Shell. Enjoy!

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        1. It is chain central and I agree on the above suggestions. If you end up eating in the inner harbor I would suggest Philips as the best of those chains right there. They have a seafood buffet and a restaurant. You can also take the water taxi to fells point, as well. It is definitely worth checking out.

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            I wouldn't wish Phillips on anyone, it is a total tourist trap with mediocre food at best.
            Definately try Mamas on The Half Shell in Canton, about a 10 minute cab ride from the inner harbor, for local style seafood!
            Also, you can walk to Nicks Seafood in the Cross Street Market in Federal Hill.

          2. As others would suggest, walk to Lexington Market and go to Faidley's. It's not fancy (you'll be literally standing shoulder to shoulder with other diners) but it's good. And no visit to Baltimore is complete without checking out the market.