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Jul 31, 2007 10:07 AM

Organic-ish Markets near KoP?

This past Sunday, I cooked a gargantuan Perdue roaster for dinner for the two of us. While eating this overgrown, flavorless bird, we came to a decision. We're going to stop just going to Genuardis or Acme and buying whatever meat is on sale and start trying to source fresh or frozen meat that is hormone-free and does not come from a feedlot/factory farm. Our options so far include frozen meat from the Trader Joes off 202, the Farmers market in Wayne (and potentially the nearby Whole Foods if not too expensive), and possibly mail order (but I'm thinking this may prove prohibitively expensive).
Am I missing anything? We're not that familiar with the surrounding areas (even though we've lived here for almost two years...shame on us!). If anyone knows of other farmers markets in the area or other spots to go to for year-round, affordable organic-type food, please let me know!

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  1. Yeah!!! Good for you! Real food, locally grown is amazing. You'll wonder how you ever ate the stuff under shrink wrap. I shop at the Reading Terminal Market or Headhouse square market, but check out what is available to you through these links.

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      Great, thanks! We're actually hoping to move closer to the city soon, but we do make trips to the Headhouse farmers market when we can. We're just looking for something closer to KoP until we move. I'll check out the links... thanks again!

    2. Check out the Oakmont Farmers Market in Havertown. It's not too far from KoP (maybe 20 minutes - well worth it). Close to 476 and easy to find.

      1. Kimberton Whole Foods (Kimberton Rd location)

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          KWF also carries reasonably priced fresh salmon and talapia.

          I was going to suggest going directly to the farm. There are two that I highly recommend for chicken - Spring Water Farm (Alvin Stoltzfus) or Sunnyside Organic Acres (Levi Miller). Both raise pastured organic chicken. Alvin is especially close to you - if you take rt 30 all the way out the farm is right there in Paradise. Probably about 20 minutes from 202.

          Spring Water Farm - 717.442.9208
          Sunnyside Organic Acres - 717-768-7582

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            I see you've discovered most all my haunts.
            But not ALL!
            You missed a biggie.
            Wegman's in Downingtown.
            Worth the trip for the fun of it and the superiority of the produce.

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              Ohhhh, they're opening up two new Wegman's around here - one on Rt. 29 in Malvern/Frazer and one in Collegeville across from Wyeth. I've never been to a Wegman's but heard they have a nice selection of organic.

        2. If you are in king of prussia you are not too far from the Wayne Farmer's Market. There are at least two stands that sell farm raised local chickens (and hens, geese, turkeys, etc). The Wayne farmers market is open on wed, fri, and sat, and also has produce stands with local produce.

          Duh....after i posted this I read you considered the wayne farmers market. Sorry - i just live right there and feel like the luckiest when it comes to cooking-the ingredients available to me between the whole foods and the farmers market are incredible.

          1. Trader Joe's in Wayne has a lot of organic. It's in the Gateway Shopping Center, right off of Rt 202.

            Willow Creek Orchards in Collegeville does nothing but organic. Their web site is:

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              I live in northern Chester County and drive to Sadsbury (Rte 10 & Rte 30) to Lapp's for all my chicken. I cook on convect/broil and its better than any I've ever had. It's grain fed organic. Will never eat Perdue again.