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Jul 31, 2007 09:54 AM

[DFW] Frida's Mexican Bistro

Opened last week on Throckmorton @ Cedar Springs. Owner is one of the founders of Cafe San Miguel. Had a light dinner there on Saturday night. Tableside guacamole, shrimpl balls, muscles in sweet chili broth, banana bread pudding. All we excelent. Excitied to see this place develop. Very friendly service. Reasonable prices, nothing over $16.95. Looking forward to a return visit.

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    1. Sounds great - I'll have to try it.

      Did you have a chance to try their margaritas?

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        Tried the Fridarita, has blood orange in it. Not really a margarita fan, it tasted strong to me.

      2. We went for lunch last week. Tableside Guac needed more salt, but was easily fixed. I had a roasted chili relleno stuffed with seafood that was one of the best I've ever had. Someone at our table ordered the Quail and loved it. I also ordered a roasted cactus salad which was interesting, but not sure I'd get it again. Tortillas were handmade.

        The meal took a while (it was the first day they were open for lunch and were still training the staff) so the owner gave us a free chocolate cake that was way above average.

        The menu is very different and very affordable. Also noticed they serve Huitlacoche (mexican corn truffle) which I've been curious to try.

        We're definitely going to go again soon for dinner - and try their drinks. The owner also mentioned that they will eventually try to be open 24 hours.

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          I've also been very interested in trying huitlecoche. I got my chance today at Taqueria El Fuego which Lewisvillehound suggested. I like it, but I didn't quite feel like Andrew Zimmern. Mostly I felt like I had something tasty and my teeth were black. It wasn't off putting in the least. I would like to try it out at Frida's and compare how they do it though.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            Quote "I felt like I had something tasty and my teeth were black

            My thoughts exactly! It is earthy but not quite what it sounds like. Corn Fungus sound like you might be eating something rotten, so it should taste the same. To me it tasted like a more earthy version of a corn kernel

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              At Frida's, they stuff it in a beef fillet. I tried it a few months ago. I was actually a bit disappointed because it was a very conservative amount and it was overpowered by the beef and chili-cream sauce that covered it. All I noticed was a slight earthy taste.

              I'm curious to try it at El Fuego. I can't believe I haven't gone there yet...

          2. Is it located where that Italian restaurant used to be that served those wonderful rolls with olive oil and garlic?

            1. went for lunch today - I thought it was really good (especially for the price). I had carnitas tacos on a hand made flour tortilla. The carnitas were tasty - maybe a tiny bit dry, but this was compensated by some melted cheese on the taco, pico, avocado and a really tasty sweet/hot/smoky chili sauce. We also tried the seafood chile relleno, which was also delicious. I'll be going back soon - there were plenty of other things that I want to try.