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Jul 31, 2007 09:46 AM

Moving tomorrow, and I need to feed the troops- suggestions?

We're moving with the help of six friends tomorrow. I need lunch suggestions that involve a minimum of effort and require a minimum of counter space. We may or may not have power, depending on the foibles of the electric company. Also, as a further complication, I'm pregnant and can't eat deli meat or feta, and might be morning sick. Hmm. I'll also be working tonight, and not at home.

Stuff not needing forks would be good. A lot of my cooking stuff is packed. I can do prepared food runs. I'll probably set the food up on the counter at our new place.

Help. Interesting suggestions?

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  1. Take Out!!!...lots of cold drinks and desserts that can be eaten in hand...cookies, bars tec...

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      Any place around you to get pulled pork? Then pick up rolls, cole slaw, chips and desserts (brownies-cookies) Or carry out pizza? Always sounds good with a moving day! (better yet if you have place that delivers)

    2. Market roasted chick, sub sandwiches, summer salad (sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, oil & vinegar dressing) can be dressed and served at room temp. If you can't eat the meat in the sub, take it out and enjoy a veggie sandwich and the chicken. Another side could be baked beans served room temp. Three bean salad with oil & vinegar, fine at room temp. Sodas and beer in a cooler with ice.

      1. I hereby give you permission to buy everything ready made. I like the rotisserie chicken idea, lots of deli salads, something decent from the bakery for dessert and a big pile of fruit. You are pregnant; you are moving; you do not have to prepare anything yourself. Promise the troops that you will invite them all for a wonderful home-cooked meal as soon as you're settled and you feel up to it.

        P.S. Use paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups. Make a donation to a local environmental organization as penance. You're forgiven.

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        1. re: Nyleve

          YES! one will be expecting anything fancy or home made.... just good food to keep those boxes moving..

        2. We helped a friend move on a hot day. She got us egg sanwhiches for breakfast and had a big cooler stocked with gatorade, water and beer.

          Pizzas and hot subs from the local place were a big hit for lunch. Then we got brilliant and bought ice cream for everyone. On a hot day, it really hit the spot.

          1. Girl, did you hear yourself?

            Six people. Minimum effort. Doesn't require power (ie. no heating, chilling, blending, etc). No time to prepare tonight. No forks.

            This is what PIZZA DELIVERY was made for. Heck, these days they supply the pizza, soda and salad for you too. Send the hubby to pick up a few six packs, and you have the quintessential, American, moving day meal. ;-)

            Good luck with the move and the baby!

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              Yeah, you can't go wrong with pizza. Different toppings to cater to different tastes, and lots of carbs and calories to fuel all the lifting and carrying. Most places offer chicken wings, too. Good for protein.

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                Having moved myself (with many many friends helping) 6 times in the past 5 years (ah the life of a forever grad student) I can say that Pizza is always fine...and you can jsut order when the time is appropriate. I usually have beer in the fridge (and also gatorade if its hot) at the new place and place the order once things start winding down. I also usually have something light and nibbly for breakfast when people first show up (coffee, oj, donuts or kolaches). Then, once I'm moved in and adjusted, I'll usually have everyone over for a thank you dinner that I cook.