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Jul 31, 2007 09:41 AM

Early August Farmers' Markets

I stocked up at City Hall and on Friday at Copley so I'm actually going to skip the market today. But, I figured we could use a new topic line for the reports on what is coming in and what we are learning from our various farmers.

On Friday, Stillman's didn't have any meat at all. Aiden said it was all going to their CSA members. Fortunately I stocked up a bit at City Hall on Wednesday. Even there, they did not have signs out for it and I had to ask.

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  1. One of the suppliers at the Davis Square farmer's market today had decent looking heirloom tomatoes at full size. The field tomatoes are getting better also, though for some reason the cuke selection wasn't as good this week. Some lovely blueberries and Swiss chard as well.

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      I stopped there yesterday and I didn't catch the name, but the 3rd vendor in on the left had some great peaches. I bought a few of those heirlooms yesterday, too, but haven't tried. The heirloom tomatoes I bought from Stillman in JP last saturday just weren't as tasty as the field tomatoes.

      The asian vegetable stand had some great looking bok choy again, and amaranth which tasted amazing.

    2. Thanks for the tip about Stillman's meat, never thought to ask. Dewey Square used to have a meat vendor from mid-sate but I have not seen the stall recently. Are there any other meat stalls in the city farmers markets?

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        Austin Brothers Valley Farm from Belchertown was at the Central Square Monday market last week. I bought 2 packages of sausages - 1 hot and 1 sweet - and both were awesome - not too fatty and really flavorful.

      2. A great find at the Medford Sqr farmers market (Thursdays): The Fish Lady... we got 1/2 lb of bluefish and one of cod ($8-9/lb) so tasty and fresh! delicious on the grill with Busa Farm's corn...

        She had scallops, shrimp, salmon (farm raised), halibut...all for $8-14/lb. She said she'd be there every week--hooray!

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          I just saw on the Meford community Yahoo board that the Fish Ladies won't the summer at the Medford Sq farmer's market -- just not profitable...but they are at the Arlington farmer's market

        2. Monday, August 6 - Central Square

          Just got back and I'm loving the field tomatoes from the first farm stand on the right (yeah, sorry, I didn't catch the name), chowing on one right now. Also, the farm stand that has the asian veggies had a great mixed lettuce bunch for $2 - red leaf mixed with that lettuce with the leaves that look like long fingers---I forget the name. Tastes great (it seems to me that this season I've found way too many bitter greens at the markets). They also had a small amount of "pumpkin blossoms".

          Lots of peaches, raspberries, blueberries still around and a great variety of summer vegetables.

          1. I just want to put in a good word for the sweet italian sausage that is sold at the Arlington Farmer's Market. Sorry I am not remembering the name of the farm, but I cooked some in a sauce with tomato, eggplant, garlic, and cousa this weekend and the sausage was fantastic. Very lean, nice flavoring...highly recommended! Next time I wil try their garlic/cheese sausage.