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Jul 31, 2007 09:40 AM

Any ideas for sour cherries and dark chocolate?

I bought too many sour cherries this weekend for my pie baking. So, there's still about 1/2-3/4 pound of fruit leftover. I was thinking about some sort of cookie/brownie. Would the fresh cherries make the cookie too wet?

Any ideas?


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  1. They make a wonderful addition to a cake along the lines of a reine de saba (tons of recipes for this on the internet, I use Julia Child's) - Maida Heatter also has recipes for sour cherry chocolate tortes - or they could certainly be put in brownies, should cook along with the mixture and not make too wet - I wouldn't use them in cookies because of the moisture.

    1. There is also a recipe for a Chocolate Cherry Torte from the July 1997 Gourmet Mag on epicurious. Surprisingly easy to make except that it does involve whipping egg whites until stiff. So if it is as humid where you are as it is here, you might want to freeze the cherries and save them. BTW the recipe calls for one and a half cups of cherries.

      I have also thrown them in brownies. It works.

      1. Make a clafouti. Of course, you'd need to serve it right away, although leftovers make a great breakfast treat. I don't have a recipe with me. I use Julia Child's from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Can't remember which volume, though.

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          I'm thinking ice cream! Soak those cherries in brandy, sweeten to taste, make a fudge sauce and then swirl in vanilla ice cream.

        2. I think sour cherries just dipped into warm, melted, dark chocolate and then allowed to cool a little would be really wonderful. I love chocolate sauce on cherries.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions.

            Adrienne, I forgot that chocolate-covered cherries are my mom's favorite (though she prefers milk choc). Would you use sour cherries as is, or sweeten then with sugar & alcohol (brandy, cognac, etc.) before dipping?

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              Personally I enjoy the sour-meets-sweetness of the plain cherries, but I think either would be delicious. If your mom likes the kind of chocolate covered cherries that come in the little wrappers, she'd probably prefer her cherries processed a little bit, as you described -- I think that will also make them a little mushier, so they become more chocolate filling-like, so to speak.