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Jul 31, 2007 08:44 AM

Good Thai Restaurants at Dupont?

Hey all,

A friend of mine is coming to town and would like to get Thai at Dupont. So, I was looking through Chowhound for some good Thai restaurants, and it seems to be a match between Rice, Mai Thai, or Sala Thai.

Of these restaurants, which would you go to (and why)? Any other recommendations for good Thai at Dupont?

Thanks a lot, guys.

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  1. The 2 I really like are Mai Thai and Thai Chef.

    For Mai Thai I like that they have good, usually quick service. The food is not too expensive...totally moderate priced, the drinks are excellent, there is outdoor seating, and the dishes I've had there I've really liked. (I remember in particular a duck dish that was quite good.)

    I recently tried out Thai Chef for the first time (this is where a lot of my friends go) and I loved it. Lots of spice and flavor in the dishes. (Although there are certainly dishes without spice). They also have a full sushi bar...I got a sushi appetizer and then a ginger chicken dish. All were excellent.

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      Since you specified that you want to stay in Dupont, I would second Mai Thai. Agree, moderately priced, very tasty. They do make good Mai Tai's as well :-) if you're looking for a fruity drink--imagine that.

    2. Of those, Rice is probably best; but none is really worth your while. For Thai, you really should head out to Arlington (Thai Square) or Wheaton (Ruan Thai). For Dupont Circle, try Hank's, or Pesce, or Pizzeria Paradiso, or Sakana, or Komi (upscale -- best restuarant in town now), or (for lunch) cf folks.

      1. I like Regent Thai, which is reasonably priced and has a small patio out front. The server brought out a lot of spice/sauce options in case our food was not spicy enough.

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        1. re: dcandohio

          Regent Thai is also very good...but I actually consider that more Adams Morgan then Dupont Circle...although I guess its 1/2 way between.

        2. There is also Thaiphoon ( which I went to recently. I liked their Pad Thai better than the one at Mai Thai. It also has a nice front area with lots of windows. My friend's curry was very tasty as was my other friend's spicy noodle dish of some sort. Haven't tried Sala Thai...

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            Thaiphoon is a bit of a scene on a Thurs-Sat night, but if you're looking for a trendy atmosphere and don't mind a bit of a bustling crowd, it's a good option, and I agree -- the windows are a nice touch.

            There's also one on 18th St. around the corner. I can picture it but forget the name. It's on the ground level or maybe down a few steps and is fairly new (a year or so). Anyone know what I'm talking about?

            1. re: atarah

              Are you thinking of Regent Thai? Right across from Lauriol Plaza?

            2. re: gundy1814

              I actually thought the Pad Thai at Thaiphoon was pretty awful. I went for the first time a couple weeks ago -- struck me as more a place to get silly drinks and not care about the food. Mai Thai, I'd say, is better and Regent Thai even better. That's not based on lots of visits though, just fwiw.

              1. re: gundy1814

                I believe Thaiphoon and Mai Thai are owned by the same people. I prefer Mai Thai - nicer place, better service. Most importantly, the pad thai at Thaiphoon was a lot oilier than Mai Thai's, and actually gave me a pretty bad stomach ache (I had no problem with Mai Thai's).

                1. re: Aloo0628

                  Wow really? I never knew that. I certainly like Mai Thai more.

              2. I like Regent, Rice, and their less expensive outlet on U Street - Simply Home (love it!).

                everything is close by, so walk a few blocks and enjoy tasty treats!

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                1. re: Jeserf

                  I love Regent and Rice, but have never been to simply home. Will have to try.

                  1. re: ktmoomau

                    it can get busy.
                    but that was my go-to take out/delivery spot when i lived in that area.

                    it's very good, very reasonably priced, and with the redo, the atmosphere is