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Jul 31, 2007 08:17 AM

Best Brooklyn neighborhood for a foodie?

So I'm making the move to Brooklyn and wondering what neighborhood is going to have the best food shopping, especially for a girl that likes to cook a lot and eat healthy (organic when possible http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php) or not so healthy (mmmmm can you say raw cheese...)?

I enjoyed shopping at Union Market in Park Slope (reminded me a bit of Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, MA) and found some of the prices to be highly competitive. I'm not sure how I feel about the Co-op after reading up a bit. (I currently belong to a paid-membership Co-op.) I don't mind making multiple stops to find just what I want, but proximity to a number of (preferably) walk-able locations - especially farmers markets - is highly desirable. Any suggestions as I begin looking for a new 'hood?

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  1. In terms of geographic convenience to a variety of stores and markets I think Park Slope is a good location. There is a Farmer's Market at Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays that, although nowhere near as big as the one in Union Sq, has a great selection from local growers. There are at least 4 "gourmet" or specialty food shops that I can think of: Blue Apron on Union & 7th, Union Market that you mention, Devine Taste on 7th & Garfield, and Bierkraft on 5th.
    There is a great butcher shop called A&S Pork Store on 5th and 1st. and several good wine stores throughout the hood. This is just off the top of my head, I'm sure others will add more.
    Take a look at an old thread I started about this topic:

    And then there is the Coop... You should try and find a member to take you inside as a guest and do some shopping. This time of year there is an explosion of fantastic produce that'll blow your mind. Seriously. And the prices are very cheap.

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      though i live in park slope, i might push you closer to carrolgardens, brooklyn heights. with incoming trader joes, sahadi's, damascus bakery, stinky cheese, court street bakeries, and numberous other smaller places, parks slope, carrol gardens, beorum hill are all pretty good, pretty lovely places to shop for food.

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        Agreed. Cobble Hill would be good for you, or the North Slope.

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        D'Vine Taste is a gem of a shop. The owners are the nicest, and they know their stuff.

      3. For real food, probably Greenpoint or Williamsburg, preferably East Williamsburg. East Williamsburg will give you easier access to the bounty of Hispanic food in Bushwick and "Black" and Carribean food in Bed Stuy. Those are my favorite areas, but probably not the best for living in. Honestly, I think Park Slope absolutely sucks for food. It's so fake and Yuppy.

        1. thanks for the tips so far! I'll check out these other 'hoods on my next visit. Any favorite weekend farmers markets in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area?

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            there is a small Greenmarket at DeKalb and Washington Park on Saturday mornings in CH/FG, but as a semi-retired chef and neighborhood resident, I can tell you that as a foodie haven, it's spotty at best.

            Our biggest problem is that we lack a consistent supermarket right here in CH/FG...the Associated on Myrtle close to Pratt can yield some decent choices as far as ingredients, but at times the lack of consistency in their inventory can be maddening. Surprisingly, the smaller Bravo market close to the Whitman Houses can yield some finds, especially in terms of meats, but it is small and limited in terms of selection and hours. And the largest market, Pathmark at Atlantic Yards, is a far walk for what it is, which is a Pathmark.

            We also lack a good fishmonger and butcher, and there are no decent bakeries that I know of, nor is there a good cheese shop as well.

            We have a few good wine shops, and though our restaurant row on DeKalb trys hard to be something, it's really more flash than substance at this point, to be honest.

          2. Williamsburg will be the best place to live for a foodie that's into cooking healthy. Although there is only about 1 restaurant worth eating at in this neighborhood (marlow and sons and its expensive), there are 2 greenmarkets in williamsburg (sat and Th) and it's super easy to go to the Union Sq. greenmarket that is held M, W, F, and Sat. I walk to the McCarren park greenmarket every saturday and get all the local skatefish, fresh garlic, spring onions, purple bell peppers, gooseberries, rainbow chard and flax seed loafs I need.

            The fish lady there once gave me a huge sea scallop and we ate them raw together, me gasping at its delicate pink deliciousness

            1. ps. I bought some fresh fava beans from the Un Sq. greenmarket (farmers market), de-shelled them, boiled them, pureed them with roasted garlic olive oil, and salt and pepper. Then I topped a couple slices of Our Daily Bread (local bread makers) crusty baguette with it and small strips of crispy Dinesfarm bacon. It was quite fun.