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Jul 31, 2007 07:54 AM

Oregon Grille, anything i cant miss????

im going for the first time next week, is there antyhing that i must try???

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  1. The oysters are very well done

    most everything on the menu is great but the oysters are a great app to share

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    1. re: FoxBeatus

      The grilled arsters are great. All of the food--meat and fish--is terriffic (I like the strip steak the best), but I never make it to dessert

    2. The steak is a must. I get the filet every time and I have been pleased. The blueberry slump for dessert is really yummy. (and I'm a chocolate lover.)

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      1. re: oystergirl

        great suggestions on the oysters, definitely the highlight of the night. I also got the mixed grill which was good but not great, good cuts of meat, cooked well, but i wish they would of each had a different sauce or something. It was kind of bland, but still pretty good.