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Things to do with Saffron

hi all,

I am looking for ideas on recipes that use saffron. I've used it in paella but would like other ideas. Thanks

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  1. here's something iranians do with saffron when serving basmati rice to company: right when you rice finishes cooking, take a couple of threads of saffron in a bowl, add about 1/4 cup boiling water to it, and dissolve the saffron. then take about 1 cup of the cooked rice and mix it so that it takes on the bright orange color and scent. serve all of your (white) basmati on a large serving platter, and sprinkle the orange saffron-inflected rice on top. makes a really nice presentation.

    1. Taken from "The Zuni Cafe", I caramelize onions, garlic, and ad pinch of chilli flakes and saffron each, and use it as a flavour base to pretty much anything - pasta, rice, stews. I even freeze leftovers in an ice cube tray, put them in a ziplock in the freezer, and toss a cube or two in any dish I'm making that could use a little instant depth of flavour.

      1. I believe the mussel soup called Billi Bi uses saffron.

        1. Make a risotto Milanese. Serve it alongside a grilled veal chop.

          What time would you like us for dinner...?

          1. The July Gourmet magazine has a recipe for spaghetti with chorizo and almonds. The spaghetti is broken into two inch pieces and cooked in broth, white wine and saffron, with onion and garlic. Looks interesting.

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              Very interesting, because I got the saffron-caramelized-onion mix from a Zuni recipe for fideus - basically, a risotto made with broken up pieces of pasta instead of rice. I think it's a southern Italian dish. Thanks for the July gourmet head's up - I'm going to look it up.

            2. There's a S. Indian dessert made with semolina and saffron, yummy.

              Google on "kesari bhath" or "rava kesari". Lots of variations.

              1. I make a ham, green bean, and yellow potato soup with saffron. Yukon golds, frozen whole baby green beans (check for stems, and maybe snap in half for ease of eating), ham broth if you have a leftover bone to make some. Lots of saffron -- for me, a pinch is maybe closer to half a teaspoon. To make it thicker, remove some of the potatoes, a little broth, puree in a blender, stir back into the soup. I can post specifics, if you need, because I did actually write it down one time!

                I'm stealing Gooseberry's great idea about the ice cube tray/flavor cubes.

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                  I also do chicken stock ice cubes - I reduce home made, unsalted chicken stock, freeze and then ziplock them, and toss in one or two cubes when making reductions, glazes, etc. It works really well.

                  One word of warning though - you will need an ice cube tray dedicated to savoury items, because even if you first line the ice cube tray in seran wrap, those odours will infuse the ice cube tray with savoury flavours. Not ideal for mojitos and fruit juice!

                2. white chocolate saffron cheesecake